Would you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

Will you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

I personally will not eating meat again. The most special things in my life is the life itself, the life of animals, the life of all creatures.

How about you? 

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Most definitely not.
They shouldn't be special to you if they won't respect you in such a way

I would never go back to eating meat! And I've never dated another veggie. I've only been a pescetarian up until about two years ago and recently out of a long term relationship so, my future partner would have to be veggie too. It's important to me that we are on the same page when it comes to animal welfare.

No, absolutely not - and no one who cares about me and respects my boundaries would even dare ask!

I definitely wouldn't. on the contrary, I would try to convert him into vegetarian, too. :-)

I'd happily date a meat-eater but have a real gripe with people who are offended by non-meat eaters. Seriously what's that all about? If anyone's got a right to be offended it's the vegetarian/vegan not the person eating whichever carcass someone gleefully butchered for their convenience.

I used to be a meat-eater so won't be hypocritical and beg people to convert but for the life of me I can't understand how a meat-eater has a case to preach to people to eat flesh. There's something not right about being that bloodthirsty.

So in answer to your question, there's absolutely no chance I'd even date someone who'd want me to convert back to meat let alone convert for their sake.


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