Would you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

Will you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

I personally will not eating meat again. The most special things in my life is the life itself, the life of animals, the life of all creatures.

How about you? 

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Absolutely not under any circumstances! Everyone needs to respect once choices when to bee carnivore or vegetarian/vegan comes on talk... For me all living souls are equals, human or animals...

Maybe when I was a vegetarian but not now as a vegan......especially after watching all of Gary Yourofsky's videos.

He makes perfect sense and I encourage all to watch.

not an option..

HA my family had asked me everyday for the first year or so and still ask. so that'd be a no. :P

Definitely not, have been out with meat eaters but never been asked to eat meat, they were very understanding of my choice, now I'm single again I'm not sure if I could go out with a meat eater again 

I will never be back eating meat  again if someone special in your life asking me to eat meat. Because I wan't to make my sacred stomach not a graveyard of animals.

I think that I've reached a point in my life where no one, whether special or not,can make me eat meat again. I would also prefer (though such a person is difficult to find in this world) that when I name a person special it means the person has to be either vegan or vegetarian.


NO! And if they persist, I will cut them off because they obviously don't know me very well.

I know a few people who ate meat again on account of their partners being meat eaters. If they love me, they won't be trying to get me eating meat again

No never.

No. If this person is that special with me, they'll know better and won't ask me to.
BTW, anyone who pushes meat on you is not respecting your choices, so they're not a good match as a companion, friend, anyone you want to spend a lot of time with.


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