Would you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

Will you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

I personally will not eating meat again. The most special things in my life is the life itself, the life of animals, the life of all creatures.

How about you? 

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Absolutely not! I couldn't imagine ever ingesting flesh again. The thought makes me sick.

No i wouldn't ! whoever the person is should respect my choice that I don't eat meat anymore. 

absolutely not

hell no, they ain't that special.. if they  eat meat.. they are just especially stupid. If they can't love their body the way vegetarian/vegans do then they would be a waste of my time. 

Never, ever, ever.

If they are special they will respect my choices and respect the lives of my animal friends- if not- they can hit the highway!

Nope.I dont force no one to be me and I dont want no body forcing me to be them.


all I must say is... no one special in my life will ask me to eat meat because if they don't respect me for my ethical choices... then they aren't special to me. lol

No,never ever!!!

When my husband and I decided to move in together (when we were engaged) I straight up told him,
"I will never pressure you to not eat meat, but I will never do it. No debate about it, it is never happening."
I think if someone is special enough they will understand your position and never pressure you to change it! My husband turned vegetarian before we moved in together and he actually was the one who suggested we try a vegan diet. And it stuck! :)

If this person was a special someone, he / she would never ask me to eat meat.

A special person for me is someone who cares about me and my way of life. He / she doesn't have to be a vegan too, but should understand me and accept me the way I am.



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