I am a vegetarian as my partner is a meat eater.

We plan on providing both ways of life to our children.
(however i would be happier just providing vegetarian meals)

As my lifestyle is much stronger than my meat eating partner, our children will eat more vegetarian meals than meat. And the only meat our children will consume would be fish..the rest of the meats will be presented rarely.

What do you plan on doing when it comes to a vegetarian/vegan diet and your children??

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It's not easy , I''ve got two boys ,9&10,and it's only the youngest who realised how discusting is to eat meat ! So to me , I reckon  to be easy until the age of ten , of course by explaining to them how it's better not having meat and I they will decide! one of two is already vegetarian for me..... good luck then !

I'm not planning on having kids. Although, if I did, I would make sure that I would raise my kid vegetarian.

I am raising my daughter vegan. She is the most important thing in the world to me, and with all the information out there about how detrimental animal products are to health, i would never feed her something that will slowly kill her and keep her sick all the time. I also want to teach her morals and ethics. I'll teach her that just because everyone else does something, it doesn't make it right- and it's OKAY to stand up to any form of oppression even if you are standing alone. 

I look at it this way- i wouldn't let her eat candy bars all day every day, because that would be unhealthy and basically child abuse to know that it's going to cause diseases and illness yet still feed it to her. Same thing with animal products.

And as far as "letting her choose for herself" ..... as far as I remember, I was never given the choice to eat animals or not as a child. bottom line is that the parents choose their children's diets, and they should do what they think is best for them. My daughter is almost 3 now, and has never been sick, no ear infections, etc. and her pediatrician is always amazed when she has a checkup. maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm even more convinced now that I have made the right choice <3

i wanna rise my kid vegan and may be rawfood

I'm raising my 14 month old daughter vegetarian. I'm vegan and her father is a meat eater so we agreed on letting her try eggs and dairy products. So far it has been great and she never gets sick. 

Well i always planned on bringing my future children up being a vegetarian..but when they are old enough to understand and make smart decisions ill let them make up their minds on whether they want to continue being a vegetarian or not..i would they would stick with it!.

My wife and I are raising our 3 kids aged 2, 4, and 6, to be without meat. They know exactly what it is and where it comes from. When going by the meat section in the store, they most always will hold their noses (it does have a distinct smell and is often overwhelming) and loudly say, "ewwwww that's meat!"

I have no idea who I will marry in the future- but my kids will be vegan, even if the father eats meat. I'm very pushy, I'm sure I'll get my way lmao. When they get older, I'll of course give them the option; but I grew up in an incredibly unhealthy household, I do not want to suffer my parents' health issues, and I want it to END with my parents. I'll give them the best start to their health possible, and if they wanna mess it up when they're older that's their decision. But it'll be an educated choice. I was never educated :( My family still fights me now on not eating meat, constantly trying to make me feel excluded from family meals. I.E., my Dad cooks meaty dinners, making a point to ask my sibling whether he wants some, and always add, "Since Lauren can't." Bah!

I know how that feels. My sisters and some other relatives do that to me. :/

I am a vegetarian but my kids are not. I wouldn't exactly call them meat eaters though. They don't eat it daily as a part of their diets since I don't usually buy it unless they ask for it. And somebody has to cook it. So unless we are eating with someone it doesn't get served. My oldest daughter, while consuming meat occasionally WILL NOT eat eggs or things that have them in it. They flip flop between vegetarian, meat-eating, and vegan at times, which is FINE. They have seen Food Inc, King Corn, Ingredients, Sick Fat and Nearly Dead, as well as Forks Over Knives. They have sworn off corn and processed junk - on thier own. If you give them the tools to make informed decisions, they usually make the right one for themselves. Of course, I am grinning ear to ear when they go on veg binges, but I'm not disappointed when they order the organic locally grown grass-fed sustainable beef.

If I had children they would definitely be raised as vegetarians. Hopefully this wont be too much of a problem since I don't think I would ever marry a meat eater.

yah true enough.
I wish my boyfriend was a vegetarian, but cant help who you fall in love with!


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