I am a vegetarian as my partner is a meat eater.

We plan on providing both ways of life to our children.
(however i would be happier just providing vegetarian meals)

As my lifestyle is much stronger than my meat eating partner, our children will eat more vegetarian meals than meat. And the only meat our children will consume would be fish..the rest of the meats will be presented rarely.

What do you plan on doing when it comes to a vegetarian/vegan diet and your children??

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Well my boyfriend doesn't expect me to cook meat for him. I was vegetarian when he met me and like every relationship I made it clear from the beginning that's not going to change. He's also never going to stop eating meat. At some point you have to accept that there's things about people that they won't change, and either live with it or move on. We did that both for each other.

He's been ok with me going vegan. It's lead to me wanting to try new foods and he totally enjoys that, so we make vegan meals and he makes his own piece of meat separately. There's a lot of vegan restaurants where I am and we go to them, and veg friendly omni restaurants as well.

That's great that you're able to live with that, it just wasn't for me I guess! I cant even be around someone eating meat. Hopefully I'll meet someone who shares the same ethical views as me someday! I think that's really important.

I'm rarely around other vegetarians are vegans, so I guess I'm used to it. For some reason when I stopped eating meat it looked less disgusting, I guess because I knew I wasn't eating it. It still looks disgusting, but it's not going into my body.

Well, I clicked the link because I initially thought it said "chickens" not "children".  :)

As for my children, I tried, but they resisted too much.  I rely on recipes from books like The Adaptable Feast by Ivy Manning to keep everyone happy.

As for my chickens, no.  They are free range and love to snack on bugs and worms.  I feed them kitchen scraps, too.

Both my sons were raised veggies even tho hubs isn't.  They are 21 and 24 now and still veggies.  I hope if they marry, it will be to veggies/vegans.  It will make all their lives easier

i will much prefer my boy became vegetarian. I am just start to be vegetarian,and my husband is not a big meat eater, and most of time he eats same as me. Our boy is 5, and he is very good as well, i don't force him to be a vegetarian also i don't encourage him to have meat.The meat they eat is chicken.They both quit the cow's milk, instead we all drink plant milk. But sometimes i feel so hard with my parents they keep telling me don't be vegetarian, specially to our little boy. They are chinese, they don't have the idea about the animal welfare, they don't support and don't understand. Same lots of my friends as well,they know how the meat comes, but they just don't care. i feel very disappointed. But i won't change my mind.People needs to wake up.

Like you, I am vegetarian, and my partner is a meat eater. He does only eat chicken though as he doesn't like the taste of other meats. We had this discussion the other day and we decided that, again like you, our children will have a mixture of meat based dishes and vegetarian and vegan dishes. The child can make up their own mind. I would never force my views on to another human being.

I have been with my meat eater partner for nearly 15 years. I turned Vegetarian about 6 years into the relationship. We just had our first child he is 7.5 months old. I asked his permission to raise him vegetarian and showed him some debates. Yet to show him the most disturbing doc "Earthlings". I feel like there is a "hidden hell" out there of animal abuse. Mainly it bothers me the way animals are killed slow and inhumane.I believe some people need to eat meat because they have certain conditions. My mum has to have a gluten and lactose free diet. It does not leave her much to eat, so she eats meat sometimes even though she doesn't really like it. I read in the paper today a young girl with a condition where her body will only tolerate pear, cucumber and lamb. My baby has free will to choose what he is ingesting i just have to educate him about the facts. Where it all comes from and how. One day at a time. 

Yes definitely. Knowing what I do about the meat industry, and how toxic meat is, I would feel horrible raising my children as meat-eaters. I come from a family of ALL meat eaters, and honestly I feel out of place and want to start my own vegetarian family someday. I decided to myself that I would never marry a meat-eater, because we would just clash on basic moral standards. And I think as a parent, it would be my duty to educate my children of what goes into their body.. Of course I ultimately would not force them to eat meat (although I honestly would be so disappointed if they decided to eat meat), but I would give them my educated reasoning of why not to eat meat, and from birth raise them as vegetarians.

I plan to raise my kids vegan. My parents (who eat meat) told me what chicken fingers and hamburgers are made of and im thankful for that. Let them decide after you tell them what is on their plate.
I'd have to say vegan, soy milk is better for babies.

Soymilk is horrible for babies... soy in general is bad for them, and carrageenan--present in the vast majority of soymilks--is banned from baby formula due to being bad for babies.

It's probably quite possible to raise a child on a vegan diet, but please, be smart about it and do research.


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