I am a vegetarian as my partner is a meat eater.

We plan on providing both ways of life to our children.
(however i would be happier just providing vegetarian meals)

As my lifestyle is much stronger than my meat eating partner, our children will eat more vegetarian meals than meat. And the only meat our children will consume would be fish..the rest of the meats will be presented rarely.

What do you plan on doing when it comes to a vegetarian/vegan diet and your children??

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My daughter eats mostly vegetarian meals but mommy is a big meat eater so she always gives it to her. But she's a daddy's girl so will eat like me most of the time. She loves salad and all veggies. Because there is no meat on my plate my daughter won't ear her meat.

good for you. Yes kids have a choice, but come on. Let them know what they are putting into their body..dont hide that truth from them. You are what you eat. When they are young and growing give them food that is aliv, not dead

love that :)

Hmmm, personally I will be bringing up any children I have Vegan. Although I am vegan for animals, I know that meat and dairy are bad for health. So I wouldn't want to put them in that position. If they make the choice when they are older to eat meat then that's up to them but I won't be cooking for them :) cause I've never cooked meat, don't know how to and never will. It may sound harsh to you but I just couldn't do it. 

No i wont cook meat for them either,
They only will eat it if my partner does or other family members do.

Annd since i do all the cooking..that will be rare.

And when they have it on those rare occasions they probably not like it any way. So will hopefully choose not to eat it :) 

yess hopefully!

I haven't cooked meat since I was a teenager and even then I found it detestable. I definitely wouldn't cook meat for my kids either. I would like to have more information about how to raise kids vegan however, so I wouldn't mess them up. Kids need a lot more nutrition than adults do because they're developing so I'd want to be more prepared and armed with boatloads of info specifically on how to raise children vegan... ya know, if I end up having any. :P

Makes me wish I wash married to one of y'all!

lol, would make life easier!

Sure would! She won't change( my wife).but my little one is only 3 so I'm trying to teach her right

yeah, I wish my hysband was a vegetarian too, although he does eat a lot less meat because of my influence which is good, but I hate to by meat for him in the supermarket. I try to avoid it and pretty much avoid cooking it, but I think i will be in trouble if stop buying altogether.


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