Why do vegans flip out at the slightest provocation? Why are we so sensitive and quick to jump down people's throats? Why do we have to be so annoying and self-righteous? This video answers all of these questions for all my non-vegans out there! For more information on what I mention in this video, check out all the videos linked below!

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Why Vegans Flip Out: http://ctt.ec/cUNfW
The Only Thing Worse: http://ctt.ec/6oyh3
Hard To Be Caring: http://ctt.ec/fr6I2
My Challenge To You: http://ctt.ec/071aj

The Nicest Way To Die (show “the most humane” slaughter method): http://bit.ly/TheNicestWayToDie
Open Your Eyes: http://bit.ly/OpenYourEyesToSee
What Vegans See (“nicer” version of this video :P ): http://bit.ly/1F5vM61
Is Eating Animals A Personal Choice?: http://bit.ly/1F8gLxu
Recommended Videos for Non-Vegans: http://bit.ly/NoFluffJustTruth

Through A Bird’s Eyes: http://bit.ly/5MonthsToLive
Through A Cow’s Eyes: http://bit.ly/KidnappedAtBirth
Through A Pig’s Eyes: http://bit.ly/36HoursWithoutWater

What About “Free-Range?”: http://bit.ly/HumaneMyth
How Many Animals Do We Kill?: http://bit.ly/1Q4QYy5
What About PLANTS?!: http://bit.ly/plantsfeel

Same Excuses For Thousands Of Years: http://bit.ly/TheHistoryOfVeganism
Other Sh*t People Say To Vegans: http://goo.gl/jxE72T

Videos for Kids on:
Milk: http://bit.ly/NOToMilk
Meat: http://bit.ly/1VMqXUI
Eggs: http://bit.ly/EggsAreGross
Honey: http://bit.ly/1K7KZzv

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Why do all vegans flip out? The very same reason that all blacks riot. ANSWER: They don't.

Having said that there are an unusually high number of belligerent vegans who not only fight with non-vegans but amongst themselves. A bit like many church members.

How do I know this? Simply because some decades ago I was The Vegan Society's (U.K.) appointed solicitor. I eventually resigned due to the infighting.

They remain an odd group evidenced by the fact that a couple of years ago I unsuccessfully attempted to renew my membership but could not as I lost my membership number! Apparently it was far too much trouble for them to look it up. So I walked away feeling an anarchist for losing my card. 

As to the cause of widespread vegan madness I have absolutely no idea.

I keep,out of the way of fellow vegans, albeit a female vegan partner would be nice. But how to find one without risking a bitten ankle or worse? Catch 22.  


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