The Yulin dog eating festival sparks enragement and controversy every year with a strong global outcry for its banishment. But, in all honesty, is it really that bad? How is it any different than what every other country is doing every single day? Why are people SO upset over the consumption of dogs over any other animal? In this video I give you my own perspectives. Find more information and resources at the blog post & below:

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[also, PLEASE SHARE the video to Ricky Gervais @rickygervais on Twitter to help him make the connection. He’s a great advocate of pets and against animal testing but hasn’t made the full connection to all beings. Do be respectful though and NOT crazy super-blast on him :) ]
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Species Doesn’t Dictate Ethics:
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Can You Love Animals AND Eat Them:
The Truth About “Humane” “Free-Range” & “Cage-Free”:
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Do Animals Grieve?:
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Is Vegetarian Enough?:
The Morality of Meat:
What’s the Problem With Honey?:

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