A vegan called me a fake because I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian.

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Typical self righteous vegan, I'm a vegan and I promise we're not all like that lol. The person who said that to you was probably not born a vegan and may have even been a meat eater at one time so he/she has no room to talk.

Some vegans use that label to act bigger and better than everyone, but  the vast majority of vegans are not like that.

brush it off and keep rockin ;)

This reminds me of the convo you and I had the other day Ci! Don't worry too much over it Nicki, even some vegans get called fake by other vegans, haha. And then we also get hate from some vegetarians who lump us all together in one giant group. *Shakes head*

Well said, Ciarra.

What some vegans fail to understand is dairy and eggs, particularly dairy, is addictive. It's like a drug, and for some people, nearly impossible to quit. Growing up, I drank so much milk, ate so much cheese, ice cream, chocolate, etc. I had an insane amount of dairy growing up. It's like a drug and if I try quitting, I come back worse. I know I can never quit. I wish I could, but I can't... it's better if I try to limit myself than going on binges every few days from trying to quit.
Dairy and eggs are in so many things that trying to avoid it is damn near impossible. 

If you are going to partake in the imprisonment slavery torture of these animals their entire lives by buying eggs milk cheese etc. Why not just eat the whole cow or chicken or pig or whatever.Yea there are lots of vegan foods found in whole food stores or your local grocery all kinds of milk cheese and butter. Actually these products taste better than animal products. Eat what you want but uh just stop the hate speeches on vegans who are people tring to do the least harm and save the planet as well.

Do you really think vegetarians may as well go back to eating meat if they eat eggs, cheese and drink milk?

No any change is a good change. I just get all worked up about knowing that there are loving breathing beings out there just like us with socialization friends familys lives....the ability to feel...fear depression...pain...mourning. The mothers whos babies are being ripped away from them shortly after birth so that humans can take that milk. These animals are not THINGS they live and breath and are being held in captivity(slaves) and punished beaten kicked electrocuted every single day. People were held and used and beaten and sold way back because LIKE the animals were not seen as people but as property. Their familys were torn apart there children were sold. This was outlawed because someone had the mercy and compassion to stand up and say HELL NO this is wrong. Women were looked down upon and used. Till we fought. We fought for even the right to vote for Christ sake. Enslaving and using these animals is the same dam thing. I just don't get it. WHY? would anyone do this knowing it is wrong? How can we not feel?


Well said!

Thank you

Did u ever read the ingredients on that "veggie" cheese? It is not as vegan as you think. If someone calls themselves a vegetarian or vegan, and they do not plant their own gardens and grow their own foods at least for the most part, they are still supporting the food industry. I may not be a vegan, but I do things like grow my own food, buy from local farmers, and stay away from that high processed vegan junk. Not saying eating vegan is bad but most of the vegan foods I have looked at has a whole bunch of ingredients, you dont know if u r eating meat or not. If I do have to buy from the store, I take the seeds and replant. I cant take the food that could have fed another person or animal wo at least giving back what I took from the earth. I might as well eat meat again if I didnt do that.

Why is there so many labels among vegetarians anyway? Whoa, why does everybody have to label everyone else? Hmmm.

I do look at the ingredients on my food.There are almost 0 farm markets in OHio. It is impossible for me to grow my own stuff. I don't have the means.I just want to do the most I can to do the least harm. That's what vegans do.When all the animals are gone to enslave and torture meat eater are going to me at a loss for food LOL. If I could move to a farm and grow and prepare all my food I would. I know the cheese I eat didn't come from a mother cow. Her baby taken away and also enslaved or killed because there is no profit to be made. Vegans don't see beef as an object or posession we see aliving being with a soul. A cow. That probably wouldn't even exist if her mother were not put in a rape contraption or artificially inseminated by a human with a huge painful needle. Same with chickens and pigs. The baby male birds are ground up alive because there is no need for them. These are 'chicken nuggets" That is the plight of the vegans. This shit is just flat out wrong!!! and everybody knows it I don't care so much about the label as I do who suffered and how to provide food. DO any of you people get it? If YOU had to slit that animals throat to kill him or her....there would be a lot more vegans.Anything you can do to help these animals and yourself is good. A lot of the grain used to feed these enslaved tortured and beaten animals could be used to end world hunger. Does ANYBODY get it YET or are you just looking for excuses to be cruel or a part of it anyway. If people didn't buy the meat there would be no market for these horrible things to happen. What is sooo hard to understand about that???? I was a meat eater for years because I did not know. When I found out. I stopped very simple. And when I go to a restaurant there are little to no choices for me.And I'm looked at as the weirdo for choosing a human diet. There is nothing wrong with me. This is what vegans don't get. animals are not food. The factory farming is enslaving living breathing feeling beings with hearts and souls, And creating more and more to be tortured. What is soooooo hard to get about that??? Animals are NOT food. Point f ing blank.


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