I will not get mad at your answers :) i just woul like ot know why you guys ate meat/dairy and/or wore animal skin :) thank you

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Like everyone here aparently, I come from a "normal" family who eat meat, my mom still eat that  twice a day... I became vegetarian when I realised I can't hurt little insects, I think every one on this planet deserve happyness and freedom. So I quit meat and fish, leather etc.. But continue milk, cheese and eggs for years, I use to think vegan where crasy people, that cows naturally makes milk so we could take it... I couldn't be so wrong, and since 4 month I stop eggs and milk, my goal is to become totally vegan before the end of the year. (I need to find veggie cheese so bad^^)

But my point of view is a little bit strange. I think people who live like humans lived thousand years ago have the right to eat animals, because they are part of their evironement, they are a part of food chain. We are not a part of this chain anymore, and we have the possibility to live without hurting animals, so be it :)

I was raised on it, my dad
Is the biggest meet eater he's a hunter and a fisher leather all that. I never made the connection either I never thought this is an actual animal I'm eating or how exactly did this meat get on my plate. I was raised that this is food && it taste amazing. But then one day (and not a day later, I'm 15) I wanted to know I made the connection first it started as me knowing about the chickens and it was just something I was gonna try but it opened up a whole new world and I'm glad it happened.

Because it was normal. Everyone did it and I didn't really know how everything went into the making. Since i was 4 i always knew i was going to be a vegetarian. I understood death at that age, which is younger than usual. Children don't usually understand death until they're about 8 or 10 years old. But, i knew that i was eating someone else. It was on and off from then until i was 13 when i made it permanent. The only reason why i wasn't committed to it was because i was under the rule of my parents. As a parent they always seem to think that eating meat is in the best interest, so i would gradually be convinced to eat it again. When i was 4 i used to avoid anything that looked like blood or meat & that included things that were not of that variety. I remember avoiding pizza because it had red sauce, which i used to think was blood, and which was always ordered with sausage. I was relentless until i started being social and i saw everyone else doing it. I thought since everyone was doing it it was okay. However, i never wore fur. i always knew fur was cruel. But, i did wear wool and leather. I wore wool because i thought the animals in the process were just shaven up & I wore leather because i thought that it being cow hide was just a rumor. it turned out to be true, though. I never owned much of those things in my life anyway.

It's hard being a kid who doesn't want to eat meat when the parents do. My 9 year old neice loves animals and told me she wanted to be a vegetarian like me but it's out of my control :( well done to you for taking control at such a young age! I wish I had done it sooner...

Thank you. it means a lot and maybe you can talk to her parents about it. Just a suggestion:)

I never liked meat much when I was a kid. My mum was paranoid about BSE so we never ate red meat and the stuff she bought for us tended to be cheap nasty frozen food stuff like pizza, breaded chicken, chips etc. Then I tried McDonalds for the first time when I was about 13 and just happily munched meat for a few years until I went off it when I was 18 but only stayed vegetarian for 8 months then went back to eating meat. Went veggie 15 months ago and vegan 3 months ago. I often forget I used to eat meat with no regard for where it came from or what I was eating so I must forgive meat eating friends and family. They haven't woken up yet :)

Bodybuilding. But then I decided to live a life that feels great on the inside and doesn't just look good on the outside.

I NEVER wore fur, but I ate meat because I didn't know about factory farming.

I ate animal products until I was old enough to understand that my food came form an actual living being, which happened when I was in middle school. I mean I knew that hamburgers came from cows, chicken nuggets came from chickens, etc, but for some reason it never really clicked that the animal had to die to get onto my plate, and that the animal probably didn't live a very happy life. I tried really hard for a couple of years to stop eating meat, but it was difficult because I rarely had home cooked meals, it was a lot of fast food and easy to cook food like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza rolls... To become vegetarian, I had to completely change my diet, with a few exceptions, and also learn how to actually cook, not just throw something in the oven or microwave. I also needed a lot of motivation and will power, because honestly, I loved meat. I started seeing pictures in my head of slaughterhouses when I ate meat and couldn't finish my food, but I still tried to keep eating meat. One night, my brother left a package of ground beef in the microwave and that did it for me. Then a few months later I learned that animal by products aren't humane either and I became completely vegan. 

I ate meat, veggies, and dairy because that's what my parents raised me and my three older sisters as. Later on in my tweens at the age of 12 I decided to be vegetarian. But my dad didn't let me. My dad makes me eat meat even if I don't want it (he'll tell me to eat some chicken for example). But I don't drink regular milk or soda anymore. I have to wait until I grow up and move out of the house in order to be vegetarian.


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