I will not get mad at your answers :) i just woul like ot know why you guys ate meat/dairy and/or wore animal skin :) thank you

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It was just the way I grew up, the society I lived in, that I didn't question as a child. You tend to do like people around you do. It took me quite a while in adult life to start questioning what I was eating and why. I never even liked meat for example,but just ate it because everyone else  did. 

Thanks for posting :) well done as well! yeh i was the same

I was the same as Anneli. I grew up in a society where I didn't even know the word vegetarian or vegan. I had to find out on my own, stray from the social norms... I'm glad I did, and I'm never going back. What about you?

I'm not going back to eating meat too! I believe that being different is awesome. Plus, we become vegetarians and vegans for various reasons: animals, environment, health, spiritual practices etc. We do not, or at least try to minimise, the suffering inflicted onto animals. Having a peaceful mind is great, isn't it?

sure is

I agree with Anneli. It was because of the adults around me when I was growing up. There is a persistent mentality that meat is good and should be fed to children as soon as possible, so the adult will get super-excited and complement the children when children eat the meat that was offered. It re-enforced that eating meat is good from very early on in the person's life.

Then there was the schooling, where there were bible lessons and they spoke about human realms supreme above all other animals and insects and how we were bestowed with the right of animal slaughter and flesh eating and animals have no soul. For me at the time; it's more about being able to hear stories than anything else really, but the effect can be profound for the unweary.

I agree with Anneli as well. Growing up, we believe that milk, eggs and dairy are needed to grow and to be healthy. Fast food were rewards for good performance in school. Besides, I believed that eating meat is normal. Eating eggs is normal. Drinking milk is a must for strong bones, and even until today, mum tells me so! (At 20, I'm too stubborn to heed her advice on drinking milk now. Hehe.)

I was a huge lover of chicken meat and pork as well!

In school, we were always taught on a balanced diet: grains, fruits and veg, eggs and meat and dairy, oils and sugars and salt (for the last). Not eating meat is perceived as being abnormal. So, I grew up believing that these are needed to be healthy, and only crazy people do not eat such things.

It was not until when I hit eighteen years old, when I started questioning the need for separating families just to satiate the human appetite. Unfortunately, the belief that animal products are needed in a healthy diet is still deeply ingrained in many people, my family included. Till now, eliminating eggs is an uphill battle for me!

Thanks for posting :) well done as well!

I honestly believe there is more cruelty in a glass of milk then in a steak.

I have to agree on that Denver Jack Mckenzie Hogdan, or at least not any less cruelty. 

Thanks for the reply. I understand if you need to survive... there are lots of starving children out there that need help, im very aware. but people who have the money and the choice to change to vegan/vegetarian should, please dont think that all vegans dont know the human suffering in the world :)

There's definitely more cholesterol in a glass of milk than in a steak...


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