Not necessarily a celebrity, but who is your favourite vegetarian/vegan? Why are they?

My new favourite is a English Comedian called John Bishop. He is an inspiration! (and very hot!! LOL!) 

He has managed to raise almost (so far!) £2 million by:

Starting at Les Jardins du Trocadero in Paris, John cycled the 185 miles to Calais in one incredibly long day.

Then with the help of Davina McCall, Denise Lewis and Andrew Flintoff, he rowed the width of the English Channel

Before finally running three punishing marathons in three days to cross the finish line in Trafalgar Square in London. Covered a total of 285 miles in 5 days!

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Mac Danzig, because he breaks so many prejudices at once: he's a vegan MMA UFC fighter, single father, makes beautiful fotos and has a great taste in music/films.

 Kenneth G. Williams, professional vegan bodybuilder and Coordinator for IDA's vegan campaign. Kenneth is living proof that compassion is power, and that one doesn't need meat or dairy products to attain super-strength and exceptional health
As a Coordinator for IDA's vegan campaign, Kenneth speaks on the power of diet, exercise and compassion while educating audiences about the cruelty of factory farming. In addition, Kenneth hosts IDA’s new half-hour television program Undercover TV (UTV), which takes viewers where other shows won’t – inside factory farms, vivisection laboratories, fur ranches, circuses, rodeos and other exploitive industries to show people the truth about animal cruelty being deliberately hidden from the American public. Kenneth is also featured in IDA public service announcements (PSAs) that air on television

Joanna Lumley - super cool, comedian, long time veggie, intellectual traveller. She is the bomb.

My favourite vegetarian was George Harrison.

He was a great human being, a very creative guitarrist, and a vegetarian.

 Have you ever heard of openheartzoo on youtube? =) I like her.... she is a role model to me.

Devin Townsend, he makes the best music i've ever heard

donald watson, british vegetarian who actually coined the term 'vegan' in the 1940s. 

john robbins, heir to an ice cream fortune, who rejected said fortune and instead wrote an incredible book and fights crimes against animals.

linda blair. yes, regan in the exorcist, and bad exploitation movies in the later 1970s and early 80s. vegan activist, hasnt aged much since the 80s. possessed by pazuzu or not, still totally sexy.

My favorite Vegetarian ( and you said "not famous" okay) was the woman who prepared Prasadam at the  Iskcon Krishna Temple that i use to attend. Prasadam there is the food offered to Krishna and Radha. We would chant along with musical instruments in a performance called Kirtan.  She prepared with so much love and care. I never put a persons name without permission so i will call her  " Wonderful Devotee Chef".  Often times vegetarians would attend just for the food and the company.  They were always welcome. They do have dishes with a cheese sometimes but mostly it was vegan. She was my favorite Vegetarian because of the deliciousness of the food and  the love she put in preparation.  I am no longer a devotee and am not trying to sell you on this religion.

for me that would be Jeff Golfman,i found him on youtube in Dec.of 2011,he's got a lot of videos that are very very helpful for people who are just starting out in this lifestyle like me,a raw foodist,a philanthropist,he inspire people with the way he live his life.

Who is my favorite vegetarian?...... I looked up the woman who i was speaking about on the earlier post and found what she is doing. Check this out . No this was not my original intent for my first post and her name is on the site so i am not breaking my rule about posting name without permission. Her food is awesome and she and the other people during that time in my life were inspiring.

Nikki O'Leary. She is a vegan who appeared in Come Dine With Me, she cooked a great vegan dinner and she managed to evangelise about the horrors of dairy industry and I am sure she changed the minds of many people about veganism. She influenced me to move from vegetarianism to veganism.

And Gary Yourofsky, whose amazing speech inspired me to be strong and assertive in my believes. A true hero.



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