I would like to know which herbs, fruits or vegetables do you don't like to eat by taste or smell? And if you want tell us why....

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Asparagus. I absolutely hate asparagus. It's the smell and the taste and everything lol. I have no idea why I don't like them. Brussels sprouts I only like roasted, otherwise I find that they have this aftertaste that I don't like.

ugh ditto Asparagus, its too fibrous, a nightmare to chew through.

Thanks for the tip Stephan, I will certainly try it, going to Germany soon, so I can add it to the list of things to look forward to :)

Buying in season direct from an asparagus grower is the way to go in the UK!

I don't like paku-pakis (A type of Malaysian vegetable) and "jantung pisang" (the red thing that hangs from a bunch of bananas). They are very common in the Malay cuisine but I somehow find them weird and off-putting.

raw tomatoes (like in a sandwich) IS THE WORST! it's goey and weird in the mouth, and the taste is horrible.

If you aren't completely against it, you should consider eating a fresh tomato that's on the sweet side (It is a fruit after all). Sometimes I find nothing better than thinly sliced sweet tomato on a sandwhich.

Bananas and celery. 

I can't stand the taste, smell or texture of bananas. And celery, to me, tastes like really bad grass

The only thing I don't like (that I've tried) is tinned butterbeans :S

ALL CANNED VEGETABLES. Celery if it's NOT organic. I can just taste the pesticides. Ick! Most of the time I just stay away from Celery all together. Bananas are starting to lose their appeal for me. Not only because I'm a diabetic and they can create a big glycemic reaction if they are too ripe, but also because I just got burned out on them. Full artichokes (like scraping dung from a leaf) but I'm also getting turned off by artichoke hearts. Most mushrooms turn me off. Asparagus is pointless. Baby corn. Pomegranates, citrus fruits, tart fruits in general including tart apples. I think when a fruit is too tart it's like when a condom breaks while you're having sex. Black Eyed Peas are disgusting. I know I'm missing something...

Tomatoes (unless they're puréed in a dish), corn (one of my least favorite foods ever), peas (I'll eat sugar snap peas and similar ones in pods, but not regular ones), asparagus (too easy to overcook), green beans (wayyy too stringy), eggplant, spaghetti squash, and blueberries. I also do not like any beans in a sauce. I'm avoidant of peppers, but I won't completely reject them, especially at Chipotle, and they're delicious when blended into soups.

I don't like potatoes :).

I do eat them from time to time, however, but only when there is no other choice.


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