When you became vegan did you throw away everything in your home/closet that was made out of animals? Leather shoes, wooly jumpers etc? Or did you use these things until they were old/broken? I'm having problems deciding about this. It doesn't feel right to throw away fully functional things to just consume new stuff made of vegan material? i want to consume as little as possible, and this is a dilemma for me. Let me know your thoughts on this //Anneli

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I didn't. I thought it would be a waste of the money I spent with my leather stuff. I have two pairs of shoes that I don't use that often, I'm thinking about selling them. :)

I sold a few items, the rest I used till it got old, because I didn't want to make extra waste. I was lucky enough that I didn't have a lot leather/wool stuff anyway. Maybe the best thing for you to do is to try to sell as many items as possible or give them to charity:)

I got rid of everything. I wouldn't feel right wearing dead animals on my body even if I paid a lot of money for it. I don't want to promote it either. I feel like wearing it out or selling it would be promoting so I just threw the stuff away. I suggest you ask yourself which reasons you're doing this for.

If it's for moral reasons, I doubt you would want to wear it. If it's for health, I suppose you won't find it wrong to wear it out. For religion, well that depends I guess... It's your choice with what you feel comfortable with and true with. A question I also suggest you ask yourself is, would you wear dead dog skin or which ever animal you admire the most. If not, I suppose there's no good reason to wear cow skin either.

Good luck :)

I agree there's no point promoting it or making money off it. I wouldn't sell my dead dog so I won't sell a dead cow, or wear one either for that matter.

There is similar thread already.
And I have only one question for you all.

Would you wear out, give up to charity or sell all those things if they would be from a Cat, Dog or a HUMAN ?

Thanks for your support and thoughts everyone!!

I was thinking that maybe I could sell the stuff and give all the money to an animal shelter or sanctuary?


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