When was the moment you knew you were going to become vegetarian/vegan? (If you were raised vegetarian/vegan, maybe talk about the largest impact it has had on you).

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Ohh that's so sweet Lauren, thank you!

:) Hee hee no problem xo

I didn't watch any slaughterhouse videos until after I became a vegetarian. I knew when I was 15 and I was putting away steak from a bbq my family had. It was kind of bloody and it struck me how similar a person's blood and a cow's looked. Really, there's almost no difference. I had always "loved" animals, but how could I eat meat and still love them? Not possible. Since then, I haven't gone back

Same here :) 

I love your story! It shows that once a compassionate person makes that connection, there's only one path left for them. Thank you!

My hubby and I went to see Food Inc when it came out and immediatly thereafter, we decided no more meat for both health purposes and morally. I have not looked back and in fact it opened my eyes to organics, eco-responsibility etc. I felt that if I dont take a stand, then who will.....we need to open our eyes to make ourselves and others aware as well.

Thank you for all of your stories...HUGS to each of you!

That's cool you took the journey along with your husband :)! That must have been great support, for the both of you. Thank you for your story as well xo

Thank you for sharing your story here Will :) Love how you've gone raw, you are a level 5 vegan haha <3

No problem thanks for sharing

I knew it when I noticed that every small piece of any animal in my stomach made me feel so Sad, Sadness like when someone tell you a friend died in a very happy day so the rest of the day is gray, as I am a happy person I immediately remove it from my diet without any excuse or without any temptation , I have now the sense of seeing God consciousnesses in every animal , and I am pretty sure we are not suppose to take that from eternity.  

That is an amazing story :) Very inspiring!

Thank you! Is very glad to know people that is responsible her body :D

 I had seen a disturbing video about three years ago that made me quit meat for three days, but I caved under social pressure and started eating meat again.  When I watched the "Forks Over Knives" video a year ago. I knew I had to do this for my health and for my conscience. It was on again off again until three weeks ago, when I said that's it. I can't eat animals anymore. Still working on quitting seafood though.


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