So I'm only a couple months into being a vegetarian. Just curious though, what would make you stop?

What if things got tight? Maybe hunting and gathering is the only way to survive? Maybe even getting stranded and the best way to eat is to kill an animal to eat?

Would you eat from the earth no matter the situation or is it because its easily possibly now?

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dont forget about insects, they are not animals so fair game

I find it funny when people play the island card and saying what if the only way to survive was to kill and eat an animal. "I always reply how are the animals alive if there are no vegetation. and I rather die before i kill an animal." they always look confused and then say its just an animal and you sacrifice your life before killing them.

Yes, animals > everything. Am I the only one who thinks this

I get asked this question a lot in various forms or other, probably because I try to spend a lot of time out in the wild. Most recently I got asked it about whether I would eat humans or human blood or something. It was a strange question. I said that I wouldn't eat human. I would choose to die and be eaten. It's kind of the vegetarian way to do it, if you think about it, because if you have no food you are dead anyway but at least you are saving the lives (or just prolonging their agony) of which ever unfortunate starving people are with you too. I just thought I would put a weird spin on it.

It would have to be some kind of apocalyptic situation like zombies because id be on the run a lot and it would be a lot easier to get meat then to search the woods and forests for things that might be edible. But if i was to hunker down in one spot for a while I will be planting foods to eat. I see some people are saying eat what the animals eat but that doesn't always work. The animals are used to eating those plants most are poisonous in some way and it doesn't affect them the way it would us.

If I moved to a place that it was absolutely impossible like Antarctica. I would probably eat very low on the food chain if that was the case and try to be the least harmful as possible. Other then that nothing besides my own desire, but I'm really happy being a veg*n .

I would stop being vegan if it was proven that eating meat wasn't destroying the planet and my health.

If factory farms & torture to animals stopped. And we all hunted the animals that we killed on our own & used all the animal like Inuits (not overusing the animal) then I'd still be a Vegetarian. But I think it would be a better way of eating meat

nothing would make me go back 

if we had to hunt to survive ill eat what the animals are eating id rather eat bark then a living being 

When eating human flesh becomes socially acceptable, as eating other creatures' is nowadays. lol

The main reason why I became vegetarian was because I though that if I can eat chicken I could also eat human flesh without blinking, so I decided to join the light side (I can't trust myself being in the grey area lol).

My issue is with the factory farming industry so I have no qualms with eating hunted meat or perhaps even keeping meat hens. I'd rather not at the moment, since it isn't necessary for me to eat meat anyway, but if a hunter friend gave me a partridge he shot, I'd rather not see it go to waste either.  

I mean I became a vegetarian for animal rights and environmental reasons.  So if those reasons were to no longer exist, then I might switch back to eating meat a couple times a month.  I mean at the end of the day, our bodies weren't meant to handle even half as much animal product as the average American is currently consuming, so I would never go back  to a full on meat-eater diet.  

I'm vegan going on nine months and I was vegetarian for a year and a half before I went vegan for ethical reasons. 

Stephen said that humans are programed to survive and therefore we would eat meat if we had to. I want to point out that we are also equipped with a, to some extent anyways, free will. So if I was starving for some unimaginable reason but had meat(unlikely scenario if I was actually starving) but no veggies or other vegetarian foods I would still have a choice. Not knowing what state of mind I would be in during severe starvation(going on ten days) I honestly don't know what I would do. I would like to think that my ethos is strong enough for me to do the morally right thing in accordance to the given situation. 

In extreme crisis, say I have lost almost 30% of my total proteinmass(on the brink of imminent death!), I might eat meat if that was my only way to survive. All depending on my mental state due to starvation. But I don't know if I could look a fellow sentient being in the eye and take it's life in cold blood to save my own?

Though, I would never eat meat for convenience sake. I would neither consume milk products, eggs or honey as long as I had a choice.

It is absolutely wrong to kill animals for human convenience because I believe that the sanctity of life regards to all sentient beings. I would never eat meat, no matter how so called "humane" the killing was done. It wouldn't matter if all the cows in the world stopped farting and we could consume animals without causing global warming. On what objective ground can I judge my life to be more worth than a cows or a pigs? Assuming that humans somehow stands above other animals and have the right to oppress a weaker party is ugly speciesism, plain and simple.


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