So I'm only a couple months into being a vegetarian. Just curious though, what would make you stop?

What if things got tight? Maybe hunting and gathering is the only way to survive? Maybe even getting stranded and the best way to eat is to kill an animal to eat?

Would you eat from the earth no matter the situation or is it because its easily possibly now?

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"Maybe hunting and gathering is the only way to survive" just curious as to how you would have to eat meat if one of your options is gathering? Gathering means collecting berries, roots, mushrooms.

If your stranded on an island but theres animals on it, well they must be eating something or else how would they be alive. Eat what they eat.

Veges, rice and grains are way cheaper than meat and can be stretched a lot further than a piece of meat. He earth is constantly renewing its resources and in his day and age even if there was an ice age we have the technology where we wouldn't be to affected. There are already tons of indoor fields

In saying that if myself or someone I loved had to eat meat to live (although I think there's more chance of discovering a herd of unicorns in my backyard ) then yes I'd eat meat or let them eat meat. Then I'd stop again.

I completely agree with you.

What I think is funny is, people always paint this scenario of being trapped on an island and having to eat meat to survive.

Again, human arrogance! Do you really think the average person has the ability to forge weapons out of nothing and then clumsily hunt them some meat every day? Fruits would be the easiest food source! I feel even if my life depended upon it, I could not forge a working weapon and then learn to successfully stalk animals before dying to death of dehydration (which is what typically kills people who are stranded- you will die from lack of water far before lack of food).

I mean, if someone put a gun to my head and said,  "EAT THIS" Idk what I'd do haha. 

thanx again for making me feel feeble

Anytime!!! ;)!

THIS. And agreed, I really don't know what I'd do... I've never eaten meat in my life, so a) my body couldn't handle it and b) the smell is nauseating, it'd be like a form of torture to eat it I guess... so it's kinda like, would I prefer torture or an easy end? Something you'd only know in the situation!

Next time someone asks me this question I am going to use this answer lol It will blow their mind.

I've just remembered this video:

I believe, even if I want to hunt, I won't even be able to catch one rabbit :) 

I love other creautures more than myself so i would forage or die trying!!!

I agree!!!

If my choices were either eat meat or starve, of course I would eat meat.

I mean, if people resort to cannibalism to survive, it's certainly not that much of a stretch that a vegetarian could resort to eating meat if their life depended on it.

I'd stick to vegetarianism as long as possible, but when it comes down to life and death, you do what you gotta do.

Right, but if you were with other PEOPLE, stranded somewhere, and you could find no other animals or sources of food . . . would you kill one of the people you were with, in order to eat them?? I would eat anything, animal or human, that was already dead if I was starving to death, and be grateful for it . . . but I wouldn't kill an animal out of desperation any more than I'd kill a human.


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