My friend gave me a leather bag gift last Christmas. I still haven't decided what to do with it, to burn it or to give it to other friend who is not vegan. I once thought to re-sell it again and donate the money to animals rights organization, but don't you think it means that I support leather trading?

What would you do if you got a leather gift? Suggestion please!

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It's really difficult.. but i think id give it to charity. I have old leather Dr Martin boots and after loads of thinking, i am going to give them to charity. I had thought about burning them too. I don't know why, but i don't want my friends to have them :S, though its the same thing i suppose as charity having them ><  I'm interested to know what other people here would do.

I have old paint brushes my dad gave me from his childhood which i think contain animal hair :( I will be throwing them out.

I was given wine which contained egg at Christmas, but that was drank by another friend before i had time to think about what to do with it lol.

Thank you very much for your input Mand

I think you have the right idea, Xiao. If it were me, I'd donate it- selling it and using the money toward a charity is about one of the best outcomes which can be achieved. I don't think it'd support leather trading, you are using the profits for good out of a bad situation. Plus selling it will prevent someone from going out and purchasing a new one. I think that you are very honorable in your passion for animals Xiao, a lesser person would keep it and use it.

Thank you Lauren. I just can't use product from animal cruelty. I feel so sad every time I see it. 

I agree with you completely (>^.^)><(^.^<)

When I went vegan I donates all animal containing products to those in need....why waste what is already done when skmeone could use them? I had a wool jacket and some furs that were all given to me so I simply found people who had need for them.

Why burn?! That's unrespectfull for the animal that died for it. Give it away i say so it gets another "life".

I had first thought to burn the leather shoes in a funeraly way. I don't think wearing animal skin is respectful, it upsets me. But i realised it would be a waste and donated them to a charity.

I don't say wearing is respectfull. But you get the point.

The way I see it, the bag is already in your possession  the harm has been done, and it was not by your hand. No matter what you do with it, you are not a guilty party in any sense. I would give it to a friend or relative, as that is the most peaceful course of action. I am sure they will appreciate it. If it is genuine leather, it must be a "nice" bag, so why not. 

I completely agree. The animal already suffered and sacrificed. Give it another home and stick to your beliefs about buying vegan. :)

All charity shops including animal charities sell secondhand leather goods,to raise funds for animals ,infact  nearly all monies raised comes from carnist people we are all up over our necks in belonging to societies that think its acceptable to kill none humans, hopefully .giving your friend the bag will stop them purchasing a new one and giving it to an animal charity will help the animals.


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