So my parents understand I'm a vegetarian as in I don't eat meat. But regularly they cook or buy me something that contains either gelatine or rennet. When ever these dishes are served I have my suspicions so I find myself having to rummage through the bin to find the packet, if I am correct and it does contain one of the two I then cant eat it I feel sick at the thought. But as I refuse to eat the item my parents get extremely angry and say just leave the food and don't eat.
.. So I don't. I have told them so many times why I can't eat the products but they don't understand. I don't know what to do anymore , I'm too young to move out, and i cant resist the urge to check packaging. I don't want to keep being shouted at for not wanting to eat an animal, and I don't want to keep missing meals and go hungry. Any suggestions??

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Hi, sorry to hear about the problems you're having. I don't eat that stuff either. Could you give them a list of things you are able to eat, such as veggie friendly cheese (just normal cheese that doesn't contain rennet,  and fake meats,  or would they object to having to buy and make something 'special'?

Uh yea iv tryed that they just find it irritating , saying things like its hard enough to find things you can eat allready I don't need more . :/ it also cause problems when I'm eating out because unless I'm 95% sure its veggie my mind will not be at rest and I drive myself crazy over not knowing. This again causes arguments because I don't want to risk eating those products :(

 Oh eating out is a nightmare. I always end up sticking with pasta or jacket potatoes :)

Haha yea , thank you for helping :)
I really feel for you , but stand by what you beleive, try to explain to your parents your reasons for not eating meat. You could buy a veggy recepie book that you like the look of the food in and ask you mum to prepare a meal from it . It's all about educating them to what you would like . You could always print out this thread and show it to your parents to show your true feelings . They may not totally realise how you feel . They may not know what gelatine rennet actually is so you could always provide a fact sheet to explain what part of the animal and the process used .
Thank you :) , I have managed to sort the problem by recently becoming vegan , then I don't have to worry :D xx


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