Here is an 11 pages ebook that briefly answers some common questions (please download: What's Wrong with Eating Meat? ) :

1. But our ancestors have always eaten meat, haven't they?

2. But isn't it natural for human beings to eat meat?

3. History of Vegetarianism?

4. Why do meat eaters get more diseases and die sooner?

5. Vegetarians are far healthier than meat eaters?

6. Vegetarians are more physically fit than meat eaters?

7. Will I get enough nutrition without eating meat?

8. Is there any connection between our meat eating habits and world starvation?

9. The Politics of Hunger

10. Non-injury to livingbeings

11. What is the "vital life principle"?

12. Some famous vegetarians?

13. I still like the taste of meat. What shall I do?

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You're welcome.

Thank you for sharing this! 


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