no offence intended just purely for curiosity!

personally i feel that for

eggs:lots of chicks are killed in the production process.

milk/butter:calf are forced to eat something else because of human demand for their mother's milk

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For me it's because I'm an incredibly picky eater and really enjoy fruit yoghurt & stuff. I think it would be too hard for me to switch to a vegan diet because it seems like quite a lot of work to replace everything and my preferences don't make it easier. I just stick to biological meat, cheese, and eggs because at least that's a guarantee that the animals had a good life and didn't get pumped with medicine.

Umm well my sister is vege and doesn't ever plan to go vegan - but she doesn't care about animals at all - she's just vegetarian because she thinks the idea of eating flesh is yuck. To her, that's not food, but anything without blood is fine! 

Me - I'm still sloooowly transitioning, but mostly because I don't have a job atm, so I'm with my parents, who won't buy vegan substitutes for milk! D: 

It's just to hard for me right now, I live in the house and it's already extremely hard for me. I've gone days without eating because no one has gone grocery shopping and the only thing in there is meat. I can't imagine how hard it would be if I was vegan.

That sounds harsh: not being able to eat because there's no vegetarian-friendly food around the house. =(

Reasons i will stick to a lacto-vegetarian diet: my love for cheese and other dairy products. I don't know how it is in other countries but farm animals are free to roam and the calf/calves? Drink their mother's milk and the dairy products are organic.

I do want to go vegan some day but i'm vegetarian sinds april 1st and still are trying to figure things out.

The thing i just hate is when vegans are pushing you to go vegan.

It's just like when a religious person is trying to convert them to their believes, and the more they try the more i will recent them.

I haven't talked to other people about my lifestyle because i don't want to answer the same questions over and over again but when they offer me meat or ask me over for a bbq i will tell them.


In my case, financial reasons. At least in Portugal, the price of soy/almond milk VS regular milk is ridiculous. I don't care for cheese, yogurts or other dairy products, I just can't do without milk. I've tasted almond milk and I loved it, soy milk not so much. But the almond milk is too expensive and I can only afford it as a treat, not on a regular basis. As for eggs, I do without them just fine.

Lilith, you can actually make your own vegan milk: different beans (not only soy), nuts, or other grains that you like and it would cost a fraction of the cost, even less expensive than milk. =) I think Portugal produces some nuts, so you can try with these readily accessible nuts, bean, or grains and decide which types of milk you like.

Actually, nuts are kind of pricey here as well. A regular recipe for almond milk calls for a standard water glass of almonds and 4 glasses of water. This would give me 1.5L of almond milk.

1.5L of regular skimmed milk in Portugal, store brand, costs 81 cents:

As for almonds, if you buy the whole nut, a little bag of 250g (that I don't believe would fill a water glass by itself once you take off the shells) costs 2€:

If you prefer to buy the almonds already peeled, a bag of 250g would cost you 5€:

So instead of paying 81 cents for 1.5L of milk, I would be paying around 5€ (plus a few cents for the water) to produce the same amount of almond milk. 

Just buying the almond milk already made would be cheaper, 1L costs 2.59€:

Still, comparing 81 cents (1.5L) to 2.59€ (1L) is unthinkable. I don't know about other beans, but as nuts go, almonds aren't even our priciest nut, and almond milk is the first vegan milk alternative that I've actually tried and enjoyed :\ any other ideas?

Let's see, it's really depends on what is reasonably priced in your country. For grains, oats milk, rice milk, and barley milk are pretty popular here. For seeds and nuts, the cashew milk is delicious (one of my favourite milks to make), brazil nut milk, sunflower seed milk, hazelnut milk, and macadamia nut milk are good ones to try. For beans, you can really try any so some people like chick pea beans, black beans, red beans, even white beans can be made into milk. What's good about making your own is that you don't need to just have one single type of ingredient besides water and sweetener, you can use a combination to make the milk of your choice, so that can drive the price down.

Let's say for almond milk, I would be using raw almonds with its peel on, so it's the most price effective then I'll mix it with oats and/or barley, and some grounded up sesame seeds. To make the milk, I would dry roast the almonds, oats, barley, and sesame seeds separately then soak the almond, oat, and barley and blend them together and add grounded up sesame seeds. It would produce a very thick and fragranced milk. Since I've added oats into the mix, it would thicken up the milk and I've dry roasted the ingredients so the milk will be more fragranced and I can use higher water to ingredient ratio. =) 

The pulp can then be incorporate into my baking. =) It's like getting milk and making some of my baking ingredients at home instead of paying high prices for them in the store.

Another thing is that I purchase my ingredients in bulk, so it would be less expensive. 1 to 1.5 litre of vegan milk need around 100g of ingredients if you are using the machine to make it.

one reason is that veganism does not ensure a cruelty free world. plenty of vegans are aggro like anything. this site has a few of them and a few more.

personally, I also don't see it as important to save the life of an animal as it is to prevent a human from killing animals. these are different things. for instance, I would prefer to see fewer humans killing than fewer animals dying, though fewer animals dying is a good thing and also possibly a byproduct of fewer humans killing.

if fewer humans kill, then there will be more peace in the world. if fewer animals are killed, but the same number of humans killing animals, then I think violence will not decrease in the world and a few vegans end up just getting their rocks off.

For me it's the soy milk! It's really hard to get along with soy milk. Plus some milk products like butter but not cheese or eggs. I was never an egg or cheese person


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