no offence intended just purely for curiosity!

personally i feel that for

eggs:lots of chicks are killed in the production process.

milk/butter:calf are forced to eat something else because of human demand for their mother's milk

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i greatly welcome as a father for you and advice  you to build a vegetarian family

For me, yogurt is so important for my diet, that's what keeps me away from being a vegan. Also, i don't like soy milk while making chai latte.

Fear, ignorance, laziness and other similar issues that plague meat eaters who don't go vegetarian for similar reasons.

You sound like all the other haters I experience for not eating meat.  Calling us ignorant and lazy?  Really???  I would like to have thought a Vegan would appreciate any effort, guess you proved me wrong Russell F.


they are saying it is only enjoyment by meat eaters they are combined by drug also

hi Rem thanks for your reply,

i'm sorry to hear about your head injury, really hope things are better for you now. i have to agree with you, sometimes animal cruelty are caused due to space or financial constraint.


If you can I would try to see a nutritionist. I'm sure that you will probably have to call around to see who knows about vegetarians/vegan diets. I say that b/c I went to see a nutritionist who didn't have a clue about my diet or supplements. If you can't do that, go on Amazon's site, and look for a book on just the over all health & not necessarily just recipes. I know some supplements are B12, D3, zinc, a good multivitamin. Some veggie websites have links to good vitamins, though not necessarily which ones to take. I also take potassium b/c I have problems eating a lot of fresh veggies too. I'm a vegetarian trying to go vegan. I don't eat eggs or milk though & have found it easier & easier to not eat cheese as well. So, I am trying for sure! Good luck to you! I wish you the best!


I'm sorry with whatever experiences you've had with vegans being snobby about your vegetarianism! That's horrible! I think it's great that you are doing all you can to try & stay a vegetarian!! I am a vegetarian. I used to be lacto - ovo but am doing my best to ease my way toward vegan. I used to drink "Silk's brand", soy milk & loved it but have switched to unsweetened almond milk. It's not near as creamy & I miss that taste in my coffee so I've been using a non-dairy dry creamer. I am a horrible cook so I buy frozen veggies which, when flash frozen, are just as good as fresh! So, don't be afraid to go that route. Also, one important supplement I would suggest is B-12, many veg heads use it. To make sure you are getting enough protein get a protein shake. I do that & use it twice a day because I know I'm not getting enough protein. They do make Soy shakes, if you don't mind some dairy in your shakes that is a good option. Even though it says Soy, it still has milk in it go figure! I wish you the best of luck and think you are doing a great thing! Congrats! Take care of you!

Initially, I had never planned to go Vegan- I think for a lot of people, perhaps it seems to daunting, they are told that it is a hard diet to do, when in truth it is very simple. Everything you eat can be replaced in veganism by healthier alternatives, and I think once they realize how easily it can be accomplished, with no adverse affect to their health, they will make the change. Once I realized all the delicious alternatives, I became a vegan within one month of becoming vegetarian. I haven't felt deprived of one thing since I did, either, which is wonderful. 

The dairy industry leads to the overproduction of calves which then go to support the veal industry.

I think most vegetarians who don't go vegan are fearful. Maybe they worry that they won't know what to eat. Maybe it is easier socially to be a vegetarian rather than a vegan. Maybe they are addicted to animal products. Maybe they don't realize the harm involved in their diet (I have met many who think a vegetarian diet causes no harm just because flesh is not involved).

In fact, I have read that it is actually quite common for vegetarians to replace the meat in their diet with eggs and dairy. Kind of defeats the purpose...

But like one of the previous posters said, whatever people do to consciously limit their consumption of animal products and the harm their diet causes, are definitly on a good path. We all will cause harm...but whatever we can do to minimize it should be respected.


I have done both and I must say vegan is def a lot harder. I have never been a huge meat eater so giving up meat is very doable for me. I was also a huge cheese lover and surprisingly that has not been that as hard to give up..eggs on the other hand is a diff story. Eating them solely (as in scrambled) has not been hard but I never realized that they r in so many baked items...especially bread.  Butter is the other item I was surprised to have a hard time giving up..again I was not a big butter user but garlic bread..that's something I am REALY missing (talking about getting it at restaurant). And don't get me started about milk chocolate!

Having said all that if you went veg for animal cruelty or health reasons it really does make sense to go vegan. I have just been vegan since Jan so I am not sure if I can continue...know I will be veg and I hope I can stay vegan! It is more of a sacrifice but I feel I am doing more for my health and animals y being vegan


I am a vegetarian who has stopped eating dairy I drink Silk's unsweetened almond milk, they have soy milk as well & it comes in chocolate, I've heard it's delicious.Good luck to you! If you saw a video on what happens in hatchery you would not eat eggs. It's disgusting & made me stop eating eggs that very day!! It's horrible & I was shocked!


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