no offence intended just purely for curiosity!

personally i feel that for

eggs:lots of chicks are killed in the production process.

milk/butter:calf are forced to eat something else because of human demand for their mother's milk

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Maybe they think they could never do it without cheese, eggs etc. I was a vegetarian for about an year and I read a lot about the veganism and really wanted to join, but I was always scared that I couldn't resist the temptations of eating an yogurt, or an omelete, or french cheese. Until one day, I read the China Study, and I said stop. From that day, I'm a vegan, and I've been a vegan for 6 months now. At least, this was the case for me.

hi mihaela voinea, what about the China study that gave you such courage


Hi Siyuan,

China study is the largest study that was made on nutrition. It correlates the consumption of meat and dairy products with the most important diseases of our era, like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes etc. 


the China study sounds interesting.

The China Study is what got my wife to go vegan. none of my bs'ing worked.

is it available credible is it

yes, you can purchase the book via - both print and kindle versions

I loved the book and will strongly recommend to everyone!

I read the China Study. It's a very good informative book. I won't buy anything but vegan any longer. My husband eats meat, and is considering being a vegetarian. I hope that day comes soon. He has to buy his own meat if that is what he wants to do, and also has to cook his own meat. I am convinced that we must be kind to all animals.

real life must be between a husband and wife ,before marriage they dont know about vegan, after if they fell one is on vegan another women or wife eats meat it is difficult to form alove hugging family

What is the china study?? I'm new to veganism. Thank you! Is it a book? What is it called?

yes, 'The China Study' is a book and i strongly recommend that to anyone interested in becoming vegan -

please tell about that book a short note by author who wrote it


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