no offence intended just purely for curiosity!

personally i feel that for

eggs:lots of chicks are killed in the production process.

milk/butter:calf are forced to eat something else because of human demand for their mother's milk

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Soy milk isn't the only vegan alternative to milk. I don't like either and some people might argue it's nor healthy for you because of all the pesticides and additives. Have you tried almond milk? I love it, but it's too expensive for me, at least where I live. The price is really the only reason I still drink cow milk :\

I've never tried almond milk and it's pricey too. And what keeps me away from such things is the label on these products.It says not significantly different in nutrition value from dairy milk. 

I mean it's the price and then the taste and then the labels

Im a vegetarian but I do not consume whole dairy so theres no blocks of cheese or eggs or cows milk in my diet. But it is in my other food so ill eat a none vegan cake. My diets slowly changing and one day I may become a fully fledged dietary vegan but I think some vegans not all put too much pressure for vegetarians to become vegans as a race the human kind is stubborn and will resist pressure from others that may be why some vegetarians dont turn vegan. This was not a dig at vegans I know not all apply pressure to others to change to their diet.

My parents!! but I have now stopped drinking milk :) Slow progress! When i move out in less than 2 years I will go vegan! ♥


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