Hi all!  I belong to another food forum, but am super happy to find a site directed to veg! They have a fun thread where everyone posts what they are eating that day and it can be very helpful when your menu seems to be losing some variety :)

I'll be a bold newbie and start!

I made a huge batch of carrot ginger soup on Tuesday and froze in meal size portions.  Enjoying a nice bowl with a pita sandwich full of hummus, sprouts, cucumbers, tomato, and daiya :)


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For today, I just had a breakfast of corn, apple, sesame seeds, some almonds and quite a huge bowl of white fungus and toddy palm dessert! For snack, I had chapati with dhal.

While in college, oats are my daily breakfast and I usually top it off with fruits, nuts and seeds. Rice and veggies and tempeh for lunch; oats and fruits and nuts for dinner since there is nothing with a decent portion of vegetables available in college, plus it's troublesome to eat out as I have no transport. Cooking is forbidden too!

Wow! All yummy and nutritious stuff. It inspired me to look for tempeh at my place. An excellent source for quality proteins. Much much much much ...... better than the violent types.

Your breakfast is as luxurious as the queen's.

And it inspired me to research for the possibility to turn temper making into an industry so that it may become a great choice for the people to reduce copse-eating.

Can't do it everything ourselves. Just to spread the knowledge to generate some trends.

Imagine spreading satay, barbecue, rendang sauce on tempeh ....

Hey, such breakfast is exclusively available at HOME! At campus I either have oatmeal or fruits and Milo with biscuits-the convenient ones that is. I believe that a breakfast must be great in satiety and nutrition but not in size. By the way I only started eating tempeh in college and I must said that it is very delicious and will not produce any adverse stomach reaction. Being a fermented soy product, it is 100% fit for human consumption too :D

You can try finding tempeh at Tesco or Jusco, perhaps? It's at around RM2 per packet or less if I'm not mistaken. Seriously cheap and friendly on your wallet, and you will NOT be disappointed because it has that tasty earthy flavour and chewy texture! Cook it in lodeh, fry it and drizzle with sweet sauce or include in veggie stir-fries, or make it into tempeh bacon-whatever you want to cook it into. Oh by the way, for your Malaysianised tempeh, let me think... It's going to be really, really tasty and sinful! (I haven't try it myself though-no one but me like tempeh in my family.)Try it!

At this moment, it's plantain smothered in caramelized brown sugar.

hummus, arabic bread, and some olives... i wish my fiance was here he is a vegan...

very nice.  I have been juicing and smoothing all day 

I just had a nice big bowl of fruit & nut muesli, flax, sunflower & pumpkin seed mix, raspberries, strawberries & blueberries, and soy milk! YUM!

Oh, and a glass of pure orange juice (with bits).

I tried cooking quinoa, which was an epic fail on my end. Has anyone had any luck getting the grainy flavor out of it? I suppose some like that...I'm not too crazy about it.


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