So this is a pretty random post but I enjoy getting to know people and learn what makes them different and unique. Usually when people ask me to say something unique about myself I tell them that I'm vegan but I guess we have to change the answers here now don't we ;) So what makes you quirky and unique. As an example, I speak a little Finnish, I'm studying computer programming as well as art and the performing arts. I'm that old school rocker girl who listens to the underground goth music but I love a little bit of Elvis and classical music in my mix. And my big secret.....I'm a born country girl ;). So this is all about you. Give me a sentence, give me a paragraph. Answer a whole freaking page. I promise I will read and comment as fast as possible. Have fun, be nice and go deeper than a puddle as we say in my family :)

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Hi hmm I really suck at this. I' m From Egypt and it's really hard to be a vegetarian here. 

I remember, one time I was eating at a restaurant and I told them I want the pasta without Chicken I want mushroom !! the waiter was like why ? I told her I'm vegetarian. she said aha diet to lose weight -.-. 

so im suffering a lot over there, I'm glad to find this site, been looking for a place like that since ages.

I born in Egypt, but i raised in a small city in Saudi Arabia which i hate.

but what makes me unique i guess that when i want something i do it no matter what, with no second thoughts. 

and I'm good at convincing people if i guess what makes me unique that i refuse to be like anyone, also i'm really unique as a vegetarian between my friends XD they call me stupid names :D but i call them zombies :D 

Hi :) I'm Lisa, and I live nowhere near North or South Carolina ;)
I just started being a serious vegetarian, but I have always been into animal Rights and stuff, so it comes naturally. I like good old music ( I have a serious diagnosis of Beatlemania!)

Lisa, Name someone who doesn't have Beatlemania ;)

Hi folks!

Maybe I'm not so unique, but people say I'm a very quirk person :) Well, I'm a vegetarian, a rock/metal/goth/pagan/classic/folk/ambient/punk/psychobilly/etc./etc... music fan, interested in many different things and reading about them a lot. Ukrainian that was born in Russia but have lived in Finland for several years. Very friendly but very lonely, maybe because I'm shy.
Something like that.


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