I have always love basketball, though I am not good at playing basketball.

I love football too.

So what's your favourite sports?

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i hope your back injury will soon getting well and you will play tennis again. 

This is a nice post :3

Well in my different high schools I played basketball, soccer, baseball; I did ballet, was a matt maid, and also was on the ski team.

My favorite sport by far is skiing, I've been doing it pretty much since the time I could walk. It was also one of my favorite things about living in Northern Italy- the mountains. I could spend all day skiing, and it is amazing exercise. You never get overheated because you can just fall into the snow, and they always had lodges was a nice big cup of cocoa :)  Now I'll have to make and bring my own I guess lol.

Skiing is indeed amazing exercise! You work the whole body - and with the extra benefit of the cocoa "prize" in the end, as you say. I live in Norway - they say we are born with skies - so my guess is that mom had a little tropical affair cuz I had no interest until after I turned 25. Lol.. :p Now, I love it! Cross country skiing, the beautiful nature, snow covered mountains - food for the soul and good for the body :)  

That's very true :3 Can't think of a better prize at the end, haha! I thought I'd replied to this earlier, about cross country :) Cross country is a very demanding sport, I'm glad we share this love!

i love basket ball 

I Love Swimming.
I'm not that Great in Freestyle Swimming but I can say i'm a lil' bit Good at Underwater Swimming.
and I like soccer too.
Used to play Soccer and do swimming but now,I became too lazy to play..Lol...
And Becoming Fat... :p
Going to start both again.. :D

I'm into running and swimming.

Tennis for me. Only took the game up when I was 18 and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Great way to stay in shape and I think playing a sport or doing a physical activity that you enjoy is great for both your mental and physical health. My confidence levels shot up when I took up the game, having previously been quite lazy and unsociable. Learning to compete in an individual sport was also an adventure.

I also started to learn how to swim this year as well and I play a bit of football/soccer on the odd occasion.

hehe . .  nice Forum ;)

i'am a complete athletic material :D

i like Football .

Cricket ,

Swimming ,

Sprint .,

Badminton ,

Table tennis .,


Pool ,

and yeah Hide and seek lol

Hide and seek lol !

I will hide you seek bro! XD 

Hahaha Nav. :p

Badminton... but im rubbish.

Does motorsport count?


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