What is your favorite Vegetable? What is your favorite Fruit?

There was a discussion about this before, but here it is again, weee. What is your favorite vegetable? TRY and pick ONE, lol. 

Your favorite fruit?

My favorite veggies has to be corn. Just because I've never fallen out of love with it in my life, even when I was a meat eater. You can eat it raw or cooked it is always good and it makes a great side to anything.

My favorite fruit? Strawberries :D

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Broccoli is my favorite vegetable and raspberries are my favorite fruit.

Steamed broccoli, mmmm!

Soy: because we can make so many things with it!
+ pumpkin, beetroot, leek
fruits: almonds,hazelnuts and litchis

Nom nom nom! Great choices! Pumpkin! I haven't had squash in a while :3 Still a lovely season for it!

Corn and bananas, no doubt!

It's really hard to pick one of them...

veggie: pumpkin

fruit: blueberries

i can't pick love them all lol, am a fruit and veg addictive lol

(the only i dont eat is..onion, garlic, figs and kiwi )

Veggie - cucumber or potato

Fruit - berries

There are many vegetables are my favorite.Like, Tomato, corn, Palak, Broccoli etc.

Mango, Chiku etc my favorite fruits...



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