What is your favorite Vegetable? What is your favorite Fruit?

There was a discussion about this before, but here it is again, weee. What is your favorite vegetable? TRY and pick ONE, lol. 

Your favorite fruit?

My favorite veggies has to be corn. Just because I've never fallen out of love with it in my life, even when I was a meat eater. You can eat it raw or cooked it is always good and it makes a great side to anything.

My favorite fruit? Strawberries :D

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Potato and banana 

Unfortunately I'm the King of Carbs :(

u kno what i like eating corn raw too and my wife keeps telling me its bad for me, infact i think i like it better raw. but there is this boiled corn with cayenne pepper butter and garlic thats delecious

Do Chickpeas count? because I LOVE Chickpeas- I've been making dishes with them for 2 weeks straight now haha

I hear so much about chickpeas..still never had them yet.

You must get some and eat them latia haha- they are great :)

You can use them to make Hummus...YUM

ooo thats right, thats what chick peas are used for. i love hummus sprinkle sum paprika or cayenne and dip romaine lettuce in it

Omg yes they do! They are one of my favs :) Will eat those bad boys raw! Ooohh yeahhh

ohhh a tough one, well even though its not really a vegetable I LOVE mushrooms! especially portobello they are delicious. As far as fruit goes, I love some juicy peaches yummm.

mushrooms and peaches, hmmm seems ironic that those 2 are  metophoric for other things

yeah... that's totally what I was thinking when posting that......

I try to eat all vegetables and fruit but my favorite are mushrooms and carrots. fruit:green apples


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