What is the most annoying/dumbest thing a meat eater has ever said to you??

The dumbest think I've heard is "I'm not killing the animal I'm just eating it. Once it's on my plate it's dead and cooked." Or "if god didn't want us to eat animals why'd he put them on earth." "It's dead already, may as well eat it." Tell me some of the stupendous things people have said you.

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People just don't know about where there food comes from

From my friend who used to be vegetarian but isn't anymore: "I eat meat but nothing with a face on it, like lobster, I eat chicken".

All I could say was chickens have faces too.

How do you survive without proteins? As if animals are the only source of proteins?

Happens ALL THE TIME -_- 

Some understand that meat is not the only source of protein though, but when I told my friends that I'm quitting eggs, they are like "Whoa your body will break down without protein!" Of course there are no meat, no egg, no dairy protein sources, otherwise I won't be typing here! (I've quitted eggs for a little more than a month)

And most people don't know that there are plenty of grains that are excellent and healthy sources of proteins. I think they just don't wish to open their hearts to reality.

You eat fish, right? _ No _ Why not?? _ Because im a vegetarian, I don't eat animals! _ But vegetarians can eat fish, I know one that eats fish!  -______________-

What do you eat?? I mean come on people there is more than just meat!!!

*Puts pepperoni pizza in front of me* You can just pick the meat out! _ No..! _ Why not!? _ *Almost throw up looking at all the pepperoni grease left on the pizza slice*

WHY??!!! _ Because I really love animals! _ Me too, but I still eat them!! -_-

This one is from my grandma : I feel tired today.. _ You know, its probably because youre a vegetarian... _ Grandma im just tired, anyone can be tired! _ Melissa, I don't want you to get sick!!!!

And this one is really stupid : Chicken is vegetarian _ No, its not _ Why not? _ Its an animal! _ but can you eat meat if its raw? _ NO..!     This one is the best!  (And you should have heard our entire conversation.. -_-)

This makes me sick , right so god made animals to be slaughtered and to tired by us for selfish reasons. Right -_-

There are so many, it's hard to pick one ! I have actually started a comic strip blog about all the stupid things veggie people have to hear from meat-eaters on a daily basis. It's originally in French, and I haven't translated everything to English yet, but the first one can be seen here : http://theveggiechronicles.tumblr.com/ (hope it's ok to post a link here, I feel like it's related to the question but if not, sorry, I'll delete it !)

Here are a few of the most irritating :

- People asking me why I care about the animals suffering, and not about the carrot's suffering :


- People telling me they agree with everything vegetarianism stand for... but they just don't think they could stop eating salami (or bacon in some cases) :


- And the one I hate the most : when people tell me "how can you refuse meat when there are childen starving in *random continent*". This one makes me SO angry :)


YES ! And it's such an infuriating argument.  You talk about animal suffering, ecology, etc... and the only answer most of them can manage is "Oh, you're right, but it tastes so good !". No one is denying it tastes good, we're just saying there might be more important things to consider than the reaction of your tastebuds !

Lol great comics, keep it up
He is not totally upto what he looks in the pic. He kinda thiñ. Like a lot thin

my favorite is probably.. "you know not eating meat doesn't stop animals from being killed right? So you should just eat them."


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