What is the most annoying/dumbest thing a meat eater has ever said to you??

The dumbest think I've heard is "I'm not killing the animal I'm just eating it. Once it's on my plate it's dead and cooked." Or "if god didn't want us to eat animals why'd he put them on earth." "It's dead already, may as well eat it." Tell me some of the stupendous things people have said you.

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I think I can beat yours!

"Ok, you free all animals of earth, and after that? what will they do hue?" (obese and with cardiac trouble..)

"I love animals but i love the taste too, i'ts horrible, I just can't eat something that look like one of them" she can't eat a chicken wings but sausages are ok!

Haha I've gotten the first one before. I've heard ppl say that the animals will take over or "if it was the other way around animals would eat us."

"Oh, you will die in three months!" (P/S: I am a vegetarian for 1 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day and counting)

"Where do you get your protein?" (These mostly come from people who can barely climb a flight of stairs without breathing heavily. No mockery; just what happened to me)

"Where is your stamina without meat?"

"Oh, how much you'll miss! It's so dumb of you giving up tasty food at a young age!" (Try eating meat without any flavouring, not even salt)

"Vegetarians are troublesome. They need special food." Just veggies, some water, a teaspoon of oil and optional salt for the most basic stir-fry ever. If vegetarian food is "special food", why corn, grains, beans, rice etc. are staple food?

"Ya I know killing is cruel but we are born to rule, so we have right to eat meat." So we have rights to destroy the earth and blame on the docs when we get cancer, cardiac diseases etc.!

I swear "where do you get your protien from is one if the dumbest questions ever -.-

It IS. The very existence of herbivorous animals, vegans and raw vegans prove that protein does not come exclusively from animal sources.

my friend said the same thing, she was eating a gelatine and I told her I didn't want because it's made of animals, and she said that it isn't a problem because the animal is already dead and he didn't died because of her

If she eats gelatine, she is supporting the death of the animals for food. The end.

The dumbest is:

"I eat meat because it's good!"

I read this on an article of a premiere for the movie "Noah's Ark". As you may or may not know the director of the movie is a vegan. @ the premiere there's usually food for the celebs to munch on and what not. As you can tell, there was no meat @ the premiere. I forgot who said this, but someone who attended said something along the lines of "It's a movie about animals. Animals are ment to be eaten". As if watching the film makes them hungry or something, or as if animals are ment to have their lives taken away from them for selfish consumption. I also had a boss who tried making a point to me about how what i'm doing for the cause isn't working, because as many of us know there are global causes to the meat eater's diet. He said i'm/we're causing the problem by not eating cows because they cause CO2 when they fart and we need to eat them all before they over populate. He was very serious.-.- Annoying things I've heard would be something a long the lines of "ugh, i'd never be a vegetarian" when it would be completely off topic. Like, i don't like cake. i rarely eat cake. So, i guess, when they thought i wasn't eating birthday cake they thought it was because of my diet restrictions and made it sound sucky to be a vegetarian when really it's a personal preference. Other annoying things would be people waving around pieces of steak or bacon infront of my face. Like, fuck out my face with that shit.

My step sister did that (not to mention the smell of mets makes me extremely nauseous) and then she lied and said she forgot I was a vegetarian after I thoroughly cursed her out.

Today my boss first asked me if I was vegan and then he started criticizing other vegan and how he refused to eat a carl's junior combo. And then he told me how vegans buy vegetal based foods wish are not ecological accruing to him.

In my mind I was just like biitch please: your cow eats more of that vegetal sources than us. But I just remained in silence because he is y boss. It was akward.

Let's see...

Going to an Asian restaurant and have the meat-eaters say: "I'll order meat dishes so you will have food to eat. You just need to pick out the vegetables from the dishes to eat." They were truly serious and then they went to order things like rack of lambs with chopped spring onion on top as decoration and fried small fishes (ones that you eat whole with bones and all.) I just sipped on my cup of tea and watched them bemused. Ah~ how everything are more rosy with a cup of good tea. =3

Side note: for folks who aren't familiar with this type of dishes, they come with no vegetables just a small pinch of chopped spring onions or a crack of salt and pepper.

Having the meat-eaters lecture me on how I was inconveniencing everyone by my vegan diet. Then a bit later on they were going on about the different meats they want to eat and exactly how the food needed to be cooked. They usually come back disappointed from the renowned restaurants and said the meat wasn't as expected. Somehow my veggie dishes are either delicious or good. It seems like it's extremely difficult to make a train-smashingly bad veggie dish.


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