u know nothing is real n u bin suffering ur hole life cuz of it ;'( n u just want de torture tu end n find home where laughter soulmates meaning n context is ^.^

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Some lessons are best learned threw pain. We, also ,sometimes, have to be broken so we can be whole again. Believe me, I know very well ..lol.If you learn something that changes you, you’ve  make progress. If we learn something that changes others, you’ve helped change the world. So, there is hope for us all and hope for yourself to have and be something better.Just dont give up seeking that what sets your soul alive.We all go threw it and keep doing it, this : Seeking. Searching for purpose of living and whats meaningful, though we might be lost. Just dont give up on yourself.

I dont know. I think its okay not needing that kind of thing or being in search of fulfilling ourselves from outside things..My youth was full of mucking my life up with that.

Its more about a different kind of soul / love these days for me. I think people really search to much for that kind of thing, in and with people.Then looking within and finding and reaching for something within ourselves.

It took me a lot years to get to this place of being and still reaching inward. Not that i am downing relationships and finding happiness or whatever within someone.If you fine someone that brings you happiness, thats awesome. But, a lot times, our souls mission is trying to find something that will never give us purpose or meaning, until we find something from within our own self.

But, good luck to you.

And, dont give up, things change every second of our lives

ur talking with somebody that is alrdy "finished" n has always bin it =/ i wudnt at all say de common purzon is a seeker, not addmiteddly anyway, wörk, family n material things seem tu b de top common things ppl dedicate their life to n has bin since d beginning of times, n dont mentioning de outcasts like "their" life is life aswell, their in anyhow not "seeking" i dont even seek i just WANT FUNNY PEOPLE(Prefurably but i even invite other beings tu my heaven) TU HANG WITH EVRY DAY/NIGHT 

How can someone be so young be already finished and always has been?

I dont disagree one doesnt admittedly say they're a seeker.But, age has a way of making some more honest  /open in certain area's .lol

NOTHING mark my words now NOTHING HAS CHANGED de last 14 BILLION YEARS DAT DIS SHIT world u call De Univurs begun nothing of real value anyway 8| "but hey wait now a minit, ur acctually able tu smoke weed in california now(LEGALLY!!!)" WOW, WHAT A FUCKIN ACCHIVEMENT! N ALL DE OTHER 500.000 THINGS DAT HAS BECAME ILLIGAL de last 20 years is Wurth dat fuckin effort? :S

ENJOY IT, no seriously what is it that i need to learn? humbleness, another word for hypocracy? gess what, de ppl in heaven r not gonna care if u advocated 4 freedom regarding 1 shit thing while u destroyd de rest of the world. 

Its not up to me who learns what or needs to learn.Thats an individuals self- awareness for their own journey threw life .Has nothing to do with what I think or needs to be done or learned.

But, have a wonderful day :)


"ur" "asking" the wrong questions by the way but i now that's intentinally aswell tu make somebody alrdy bullied even more sad or more precise, angry cuz dat is what darkness feeds on, u had a chance tu have ur maybe first real conversation but instead u couldnt stand the temptation of playing clown =/

n now de following hours gonna concist of u acting ununderstandable n "falsly accused" is der other roles u can take, prefurably a real 1 ^_-


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