My family are all meat eaters. However, they have switched all meals at home to vegan for me. The only problem is that I have been asked to use butter on some things because of the taste.

What is a good source that you all eat that is also a healthy option? I know margarine is NOT healthy. I use Coconut oil in most cases but on a piece of toast, waffle or pancake, even I agree it does not taste the same. Is Earth Balance (as an example that I have seen) a healthy alternative? What do some of you use?

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In this case i would suggest breaking from tradition and just not look for a substitute.  On Toast, i just put jam or almond butter, or maple spread if you really want something with flavor on there.

If you are looking to spread on things then I would suggest Avocado. Similar texture and flavour and full of all the healthy fats. Colour may be odd looking on toast but hey, it's the taste that counts.

Thanks some good ideas. We do use peanut butter and homemade preserves, but my hubby is the one who is missing the butter!!!! So I figured I would ask.. Avocado would be good for me and my hubby! I will have to try that.


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