Some say being a Vegan is healthier because dairy causes cancer. Doctors say it's unhealthy and that you need dairy. What do you think?

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This is a fact! I want to print t shirts with the text. MILK IS FOR PUSSIES.

What do you think?

Did you see some of the film about the slaughterhouses in the UK=  I just did and I m shiffering


That´s right, Miriam. It´s all up to us. "MILK IS FOR PUSSIES" is as good as "MEAT IS MURDER".Let´s Keep on doin´ !!!!

Well, if we want people to stop drinking milk that comes from animals,we first must get the media to convince people that it isn't really healthy. Like if talk shows were to speak about the dangers of dairy and how soy milk  is healthier.That would include the Doctors shows and Dr.Oz. & all the gossip talk shows. Then we would have to get schools to give kids soy milk instead of dairy milk.And overall we cannot demand people to just stop eating and drinking dairy products. We have to be nice about it and see if we can inform people enough and influence them to start dissing dairy. And with all that being said we would need many resources,research and proof to change laws and to get meat&dairy eaters to believe us.

Thats really great Melanie.

Well I am currently a vegetarian. I find it hard to be a vegan because there is not enough non-dairy food products/restaurants/sources to go by being a vegan than there is being a vegetarian. Though I would love to be a vegan one day!

Start making recipes that just do not include dairy products. I'm not sure where you shop but there are plenty of alternatives out there, plus you can always buy online! Restaurants-I have come from many to about 2 LOL my go-to is Panera bread because vegetarian stuff there can usually be made into vegan. But fast food is not good anyway. 

Dairy farming causes a lot of environmental pollution. By not eating dairy, I am not contributing to that pollution. The less pollution on the planet the healthier every living thing is.

I think you should stop mugging your cat before I call animal rights!

I'm absolutely convinced being a Vegan is healthier than being a Vegetarian. But still, you have to watch what you eat and put an efford in eating healthy, even as a vegan.  You can be a vegan that online eats vegan pizza, or you can be a vegan that avoides processed foods all together and only goes voor the natural, good stuff. A whole food plant based diet is, in my opinion, the most healthy way of eating.

Watch "forks over knives" and learn more about a plant based diet and the health benefits!

id say veg mate simply because we need dairy proteins and fat . vegetables lack in many ways milk can also be a good source of vitamins and amino acids like taurine which promote intelligence so its needed. But if you are vegan just make sure to substitute those nutrients and your good to go .

Milk is for pussies, not for adults. Thinking that you need milk is a result of the marketing from the meat industry. Please understand IT IS A SCAM!

um not quiet . if you have alternatives its good . saying its a scam i dont agree . i ply my trade in medecine  so i do see the difference in those who are properly nourished with a balanced diet . w/o dietary intake of milk or dairy products you have less amounts of lactobacillus which is needed for digestion and in our bacterial flora . And also debate extends to newborns where milk is essential. ( mainly breast milk).

why people say its essential is the fact that its cheaper and contains nutrients which we need . so it would be hard for allot of people to go and just by 6 different things instead of buying just 1 . 

but im all for vegans its a healthy lifestyle , just not for me . 

iam just expressing my views so rudely yelling out milk is for pussies etc is inappropriate .   


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