What do you do if you accidentally ate meat or food that was cooked with meat?

So, I went to a bistro where I usually have lunch and ordered the usual menu which also included cooked cabbage with carrots and zucchini. When suddenly I notice a little piece of fat tissue hidden in the cabbage! I told myself I was dreaming, maybe it was just cabbage, but at a closer look my fear came true. I jumped right up and thought I would throw up, but remained calm thanks to my colleagues that were with me. Then I bought a bottle of water and just gargled (I really didn't want to vomit in a crowded place and look like a freak). 

What would you do in a situation like this?

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Well, it happens. I stopped eating out when I had ordered a Vegan meal and the soy protein was actually grounded beef (if it wasn't that was the closest anyone has ever gotten of making soy taste exactly like meat). Regardless if it was soy or beef, I stopped eating out, except for juices and fruit (and some vegetables).

That's the reason why I don't eat soy anything - I don't trust it :)

I feel very awful. Once at school, the rice and the chicken containers very very close to each other. I looked carefully at my rice and it was ok (I thought so).When I ate the half of the rice a found a piece of chicken flesh in it.I felt very bad.I stopped eating,went and washed my mouth with water.I wanted to vomit a few hours later, when I got home, but I couldn't do it.It was terrible.

And I'm not eating rice or pasta or mashed potatoes at school cafeteria because they use the same spoon.

But sometimes they cook a very tasty dish with veggies and sauce and it's just mmmmmm! But its container is very close to container where meat is,so I get very stressed (What if meat falls in veggis ? Actually it can.) but I stil eat it,because its so great.I feel a bit guilty :(

P.S:One time I went to a Far East Restaurant (in a shopping mall full of McDonaldses and BKs) and I ordered noodeles with veggies and asked if they use chicken bouillon.They told me they use, so I just asked them not to use.I hope they were good people who didn't pu buillon in noodles on purpose.

Just check better and if you are suspicious, don't eat/drink it.


You're awesome. I would get mad. Unfortunately, when I'm hungry I'm nervous.

If it was with me I wouldn't trust eating from that person again anymore, as for Viorica's, if meat wasn't in the menu description then they fucked up and a plate change needs to be requested (and I wouldn't trust the same place again, too).

I didn't ask for anything anymore - I lost my appetite. I didn't even touch my other meal that was 100% vegan. :( So disappointed...

It happened to me once. A year ago I guess. I remained calm, however, I had a really tough time after that. I did not throw up but I was on the verge of doing it. It was on a party. There was a salad with mayo, edamame and meat. But because of the white color of the mayo I did not see the meat so I actually ate quite a lot. ))

Terrible moment.

It happened to me they assured me that no meat was in it but when I took my first bite I knew it tasted like meat.  I thought it was my imagination and took a few more bites and found a small piece of meat.  I quit eating it right away and I don't eat there anymore.  On  a whole I very rarely eat out anymore because this has happened a few times and you really can only trust yourself.

Personally?  I wouldn't worry about it.  No one is perfect, and if anyone's trying to tell you that they are, tell them to take a hike.  I don't think there's one person here who can say that they haven't accidentally eaten meat since they became veggie, so you're definitely not alone.  It's happened to me a few times.  I just stop eating that dish, say a quick prayer for the animals whose lives were taken, and move on.  

If the restaurant marketed this item as vegetarian or vegan, you should definitely talk to them about it.  A lot of restaurants don't do it on purpose, they just honestly don't know, so you have a wonderful opportunity to educate them.  And if they did do it on purpose, make sure to at least explain to them why that's offensive and insensitive.  Also, I would (and have) advertise on twitter, yelp, facebook, etc., that this restaurant is not vegan/vegetarian friendly, so that others will know.  

When I eat out, I usually double-check with the waitress that the meal I'm ordering is vegetarian/vegan.  Sometimes, what looks like a vegetarian dish but isn't marketed as such, actually contains chicken broth or something, and they don't put that on the menu.  

This is probably the best answer I have read so far. All the talk of people wanting to make themselves throw up makes no sense to me. Mistakes happen and it doesn't change who or what you are because of it. Basically get over it and move on. No wonder people think us Vegans and Veggies are crazy.

I do agree that a restaruant should be aware of it though, and I also agree that social media should be used to warn others (Yelp, etc). Honestly though, if it happens to you, keep cool, inform the management, and move on. Causing a scene will not help anyone's cause.

Just my two cents.

Ok, you're probably both right.

But, how do you think any meat eater would react if when vising a cannibal tribe would find out that the dish he/she was served contained human flesh? :) Do you think he/she would keep calm and inform the host about it and advertise on social media? (Sorry, I have a rich imagination :) )

I think the situations aren't all that comparable.  Plus, don't forget, extending an argument to the extremes doesn't really help you prove your point.  Perfect example, obviously legalizing gay marriage doesn't legalize beastiality too.  And yet lots of people are making that insane claim.  Expecting vegetarians to stay calm after accidentally eating meat doesn't mean we expect them to stay calm after eating another human.  It's not equal situations, so you can't really expect your response to be equal either.  IMO.


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