Hey, what do you cook for the weekend? Share your recipes and photos here!

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I am quite lazy to cook today, and I just simply cooked "Nasi Goreng" for my lunch. It's very easy, not more than 10 minutes.

Thank you Martin. 

This is my dinner today. Quite lazy to cook tonight, I just boiled some broccoli, cauliflower, and fried vegan seitan, put with some tomatoes sauce. It's so simple and quick when you feel lazy to cook.

Whoa.. certainly nothing like what you cook, haha. That all looks so delicious, thanks for sharing. Going to go scour your recipe group for these.

Sounds delicious! Maybe make it again and post the pictures next week?

For lunch, I had veggie "pasta alfredo". The "pasta" is made of cucumber and carrot, while I attempted to make alfredo sauce by mashing the cauliflower and nondairy milk with a potato masher. It tasted great but the "sauce" looks nothing like alfredo sauce. The portion size is huge too-took me an hour to finish it!

For dinner, I had pumpkin-carrot "soup" (again, just mash boiled carrot and pumpkin with potato masher and add in some hot water and seasoning) with tricolor salad. Again, it yields a huge portion so I gave some to a friend. Here is the remaining portion.

Failed sinless alfredo

Soup and tricolor salad for dinner. Big portion, low price (but I'm using conventional produce except for the pumpkin and cherry tomatoes). Sticks-in-the-ribs!

0.0 Sharon, those look like huge portions, but very colourful. I'm sure very yummy too. ^.^

As for the Alfredo sauce, you can look for some canned butter beans in salt water. You can mesh the beans and slowly add milk and seasoning. It'll be closer to Alfredo sauce. ;)

Yes, they are yummy if you LOVE veggies. For those who are used to the meat diet, they may need some time to adapt to such food ;)

The lunch is almost 1kg-of veggies. Calorie count under 400. Not sure about the rest but it was epic, extremely filling and energizing too.

It took me an hour to finish my lunch (should have shared it) and dinner respectively. Almost guilt-free nonetheless.

Thanks for sharing your alfredo sauce idea! I'll try it next time (and share with friends, of course). I have some cravings for cream despite being severely lactose intolerance, heh.


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