I'm in the process of looking for work, and was curious what many of you do for a living? I find it difficult to avoid the food industry, even the most benign of office settings where clientele are connected to big agriculture or restaurants. I have a lot of skills but seriously am not sure if I should put VEGETARIAN on my resume, as it seems that can still attract unwanted attention. When I worked at an insurance company they thought it was funny for me to work on the food accounts, and even a very large hunting gear supplier. So I'm just curious, what do most of you do?

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We work for a nutritional company :) and hopefully soon I will be working for a Vegan cosmetics company.

I'm a vegetarian and I'm currently studying design majoring in fashion but i work part time at a Starbucks. I don't use fur or leather for personal reasons and i don't buy either as well. I'm doing something that i love and it makes me happy doing it and my life's dream is to start my own brand but i will not be selling leather/fur goods of any kind. If i do get to the stage of selling other goods like good quality bags and shoes, I'll be using good quality fake leather to make good quality shes that lasts. 

p.s. I don't normally tell people that I'm a vegetarian unless if they ask, but if you feel that you should put "vegetarian" on your cv then it should be your decision because you want people to know. :)

I work as a nanny, and part-time in a health food store. 

I'm biology teacher in secondary school.

I'm a Software Engineer :)

There's nothing related to food in my area of interest but my colleagues are constantly looking for a healthy lifestyle. So, turning some of them into vegetarians should be a piece of cake.

I run my own bookkeeping practice, I used to work in an estate agents but knew the boss hunted and hated the fact that I was working to fuel his hunts so I chucked the job in, retrained and can pick and chose my clients!

I'm looking for a job too but I volunteer a lot at the library and I love it but I'm also a singer/songwriter too

I am a librarian.

I teacher English at universities and sometimes give lectures to high school students and workshops to high school English teachers as a side job. 

I work at an English language school, in the administration and as a part time English teacher at the same school. I have a big diet problem here, since everyday someone brings bonbons or cake to the school. When I told my colleagues that I am going to become a vegetarian, they all laugh at me. It's not easy for me, but I have my reasons, I thought long before taking that decision and I won't let anybody change it, or influence it.

I am a nurse, I work in the Emergency Department and prior to that in cardiology. I used to work at a health centre in the US as a lifestyle counsellor,coach. I used to do massage, hydrotherapy and teach vegan cooking classes. It was the best job I ever had :-)!

I take insurance claims on the phone.


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