I'm in the process of looking for work, and was curious what many of you do for a living? I find it difficult to avoid the food industry, even the most benign of office settings where clientele are connected to big agriculture or restaurants. I have a lot of skills but seriously am not sure if I should put VEGETARIAN on my resume, as it seems that can still attract unwanted attention. When I worked at an insurance company they thought it was funny for me to work on the food accounts, and even a very large hunting gear supplier. So I'm just curious, what do most of you do?

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I am a computer programmer!

I am a Hearing Instrument Specialist and I am Vegan 

I'm an athlete and make most of my income when i win. I am also a  volunteer in a program which cleans the city and for some reason, people sometimes give me money for it. I take care of little children and in summer i work at a summer camp. I My parents pay everything for me so i really dont need a job.

I am a pure vegetarian and I am looking for a non-cruelty work,

I work in tech sales ...


currently I'm working as an engineer but I want to be a farmer or else porn star

oh and I have my own Facebook page for my knitting sewing and other crafts at knitafull life & sew it off and I do some bazaars as well


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