I feel as if I am eating a lot of the same things lately(plus to many fake meats!) and would love to get some new ideas. Anyone mind sharing their menu for today?

These were my meals for today:


Breakfast -- green tea with stevia, whole wheat toasted bagel with soy butter, a banana

Lunch-- tofu scramble with crumbled field roast sausage, sundried tomatoes, black olives, and spinach      inside a whole wheat wrap.

Snack-- sliced banana, peanut butter, and raisins with cinnamon

Dinner-- Quinoia spaghetti in a vegan alfredo sauce with brocolli and meatless meatballs. + some cookie dough coconut milk ice cream for dessert.





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Greek Yogurt, Bananas, coffee, Cliff Bars, pizza and ice cream...
I must put more energy into my on the go diet because it's making workouts difficult when I'm trying to perform better with half OK food and half bad energy foods. :(

Have you ever tried Indian cuisine???????

well jeeze, if I had the energy to put together your type of daily meal plan, I would eat it everyday, or at least really frequently.  call me when you would like a lunch guest!

well some ideas, I just ate for dinner tonight, some palak panir (spinach with curd cheese).  I don't know if that helps you if your are vegan.

and at lunch I ate some brown rice boiled with some pre-fried tomatoes and eggplant, topped over with some olive oil.  i just usually eat all my meals in a pinch, so not that creative.  I should write the idiot's guide to fast food vegetarianism :)

What didn't I eat?  I have been starving all day...seem to go through phases. 

Breakfast: I had a RAW foods breakfast bar...super yummy if you want the name of it, and coffee always!

snack: carrot sticks and creamy hummus. 

Lunch: vegan cheese/spinach wrap dipped in salsa, with chips and guacamole.  Two bottles of water so far!  Going for a run now then drinks and dinner with the hubby, so TBC....Happy Friday!!!

ya, I want the name of that bar, or more important the ingredients so I can make it myself.

I normally prefer Govinda Bliss Bars because they are super sweet with fruit juices.

i had tofu ketsu with home made coleslaw. it was so good! totally vegan, and a nice big glass of chocolate silk soy milk......it was so good!!!!!


pasta with tomato souce and potato :-)

falafel :)

I havent eaten yet today..
but yesterday i had:

Breakfast= Avocado
Snack= Fruit+seaweed smoothie
Snack= Carrots
Dinner= Eggplant+tofu+rice

today: tofu, scallions, button mushrooms, sesame seeds (stir fried)

yesterday: rigatoni, long sliced tomatoes (boiled) with peanut sauce and sesame oil

Meals I had, plus thinking of having.

Breakfast: Banana + almond butter + rolled oats + almond milk + cinnamon in a bowl cooked in microwave = yummy hearty oatmeal!

Lunch: almond butter, garlic, hot sauce, black pepper + zucchini, carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms + bulgur + chickpeas= deliciouuuuuus creamy saucy spicy lunch!

snack: sliced tofu on a piece of toasted whole wheat bread spread with avocado topped with a dash of pepper and chipotle powder and a cup of fresh grapes... or a mango... love mangoes!

dinner: I love this stew: cook in water: pumpkin seed butter, mustard, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, black pepper, chipotle, cardamom (morocan inspired) and add sweet potatoe, butternut squash, mushrooms, brussel sprouts and/or carrots, tofu or your choice of beans ( i like red kidney beans in this). Cook uncovered for 30min and TA-DA delicious heart warming stew like thing. Pumpkin seed butter is amaziiiing for savoury creamy sauces.


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