Ok so we all no that sometimes animal friendly food can lack in taste so we have to add something to give it a little kick to it. At least thats how we do it in the south. So what condiment could you not live without or even spice. What helped you get used to the vegetarian food and makes it taste like something lol. I have to say that cajun hot sauce has been the best thing ever for me. I love the kick it adds to food and I don't know how I would cook without it. So what is it for you guys?

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BBQ sauce. I loves it! Make BBQ tofu, veggie burgers, it's just very delicious.

i do not have one, after following a raw food diet for some time, you lose such cravings

I have been looking at the raw food diet but I don't think it's the diet for me. Im having enough trouble keeping from going underweight lol

Haha yeah it's not for everyone

Good answer..  me too.


This is a great question!  My husband teases me constantly about all the condiments I buy!  I live off the shit, no joke!  Where to start?  Mustard's are my vice.  Dijon, horseradish, sweet mustard, hot mustard...the list goes on!  bruchetta's, tappa's, olives of all colors and flavors.  Salsa's & hot sauce up the wa-zoo too! 

Applesauce goes on almost anything as well, i dip my veggie chickin' nugget's, I put it on my baked potatoes with earth balance, I like toffutti with pretzel crisp for a snack, add sun dried tomatoes and yummy. Guacamole's, hummus's of every bean they make!  Ok, I'm hungry now...gotta go eat some condiments :)

.... applesauce.... veggie nuggets.... baked potatoes.... O_O

Love hummus especially the spicy kind and I forgot about mustard. I used to hate the stuff but more and more recently I love it haha

I would say Braggs liquid aminos, but ironically, I do live without it!  I didn't imagine I could, and would have preferred not to.  That and also Nutritional Yeast.

I know that it is an oxymoron but A1 steak sauce.  I love it on my veggie burgers and potatoes.

No shame in that haha, that stuff is really good.

pepper, basil, oregano, rosemary, make any meal great


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