What compelled YOU to change and become Vegan/Vegetarian?

There are many reasons why people choose to go vegetarian or vegan. Some are compelled by the environmental impact and animal rights.Others are guided by ethical concerns or religious reasons.I respect these reasons and appreciate anyone who thinks deeply about the impact of their food choices.Myself,I went Vegan because of ethical reasons .What compelled you to go Vegan/Vegetarian?What was the reason behind/or what was the information that moved you forward to making you change to a plant base diet?Of course,this is me just wanting see information or reasons that compelled people to change.Plus,getting know why people do things,you get to also know a lot about who they are as a person.So,what compelled you to change?

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No body "compelled", i was just born that way :p

We are products of our environment and culture around us.Its great you were raised to be Vegan/Vegetarian.We can be raised it,taught it,or we learned it from somewhere, or our morals compelled us to change.

Some of us come to the realization threw understanding that animals feel suffering and pain as we do.I was very young myself and made that connection,being taught threw Buddhism ,and giving all life compassion and respect.I was around 11 or 12...My parents were both meat eaters but they supported me in it.A Buddhist should 'cause no injury' includes one's deeds,words,and thoughts.But,hey,sometimes I can not rise above my human nature but I do tho,it's far beyond my understanding why "Some" Buddhist eat animals..(Tho no amount of explaining it ,I would get anyway or refuse to understand

But,we are never born it .:P

I saw the pain of  an animal four years back.that touched my heart and from there I decided to eat veg foods I m so see such a huge crowd here, and  a good  veg friend supporting me.....

I was brought up in a normal meat-eating family in the UK. 

In 2013 I visited a beautiful elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Their main focus was on elephants, but they would rescue any animals that needed them. They also had a heard of cows that roamed free with the elephants, cats and dogs, ducklings, etc. I volunteered there for a week, and while I was there I was very much influenced by their ethics and way of living.
They believe in all animals being shown love and care, and they only served vegetarian food (and huge variety and very delicious) the whole time I was there.

Staying at this place planted a seed for me in my mind about ethics, animal welfare, and that eating meat is wrong. I gradually did research about the meat industry and my way of thinking changed. 

When I moved out of my family home last year, I took the opportunity of being in control of all of my food shopping and cooking to change and become a vegetarian. I have loved trying so many new recipes and types of food, and will continue to enjoy experiencing new things.

That is such a lovely story thank you for sharing your experience x
8 years ago my loyal companion and best friend my dog passed away and flesh from a dead animal took on a new definition for me, every animal on this planet was loved as much as my dog at some point if only momentarily as its mother gave birth to it before it was ripped away from her. now I've always loved animals and felt more balanced around nature, but at the moment his life force left his body the connection to the universe in its entirety suddenly enveloped me. Every soul that lives and breaths is precious and all the love I had for my dog I now share with every being in the universe, including serval dogs I have had and fostered since. I sponsor an elephant in his name through the wwf as a promise to my self to never forget to stay harmonious with nature x

real good thinking

You stated that beautifully, and I have felt the same way.  As someone who has adopted numerous senior dogs in order to provide them with a loving home in their final years, my heart has broken each time I lost one of them.  However, those painful moments also opened my mind to understanding how precious and unique each life is,  and what I have learned about myself and the world through these losses has helped me on my journey to veganism.

Well.. Even as a 12yr old kid, I knew I was going to take "the plunge" eventually, it was only a matter of time.

Much to dismay to my parents, I started figuring out things pretty quick on my own. I grew up on a countryside and had a lot of direct contact with all kinds of animals, which I believe stayed with me as an adult. My everyday 'walks' with my Grandpa in the forest helped shape me into an environmentalist I am today. It may sound silly, but for me its true.I can only hope I can provide similar upbringing for my kids.

Documentaries, presentations, helped as well. Im on my way to "evolving" to a vegan, so that's why I joined this wonderful community :) To learn, grow and learn some more :)

I stumbled across Glass Walls with Paul McCartney and I went vegan on the spot. It was set in stone after more research and watching a documentary called Earthling. Gary Yourofsky made a fantastic speech in 2010 to!

Things have happened over the years that influenced me towards the possibility of going vegetarian... Eventually

I got licked by a horse who was kind of a pet (I thought more friend, the person who "owned" him did not mind my feeding him), I've had guinea pigs as pets, patted wallabies, patted wandering livestock (cow and her calves) on the roadside in Outback Australia (don't try this at home)...

I considered going vegetarian when I was donating blood at 16 in High School given my grandpa had haemochromatosis (ergo I could eventually), I'm male ("no menstrual cycles to lose iron from, so why do I need to eat meat" I wondered... having said that, I can see clearly that just as many women as men are good at keeping up their iron and being Veggie Blood Donors)... When I was in my 20's I tried going vegetarian, but some foods were missing, then when I was 24 in 2012, I finally found what foods I was missing and have been vegetarian for over 2 years now and really enjoying it, especially seeing myself donate Veggie Blood.

It kind of helped that the pie shop next to my college served vegetarian pies (quite common among pie shops these days, even in my nearby small town), even vegan pies (Mountain High Pies in the Blue Mountains is the only place I know that serves vegan pies)


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