I'm bringing this up because global warming has gotten pretty bad. I think its getting bad because of ghgs and pollution in the air. But besides picking up trash and recyclables, what else is there we can do to help global warming and the earth be healthy again?

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Where to begin?

  • Cut unnecessary consumption (of stuff, electricity, water, fuel, etc);
  • Insulate your home and reduce air permeability;
  • Switch your energy supplier or produce your own energy;
  • Turn the thermostat down/AC up;
  • Buy locally grown seasonal produce, support growers who use sustainable farming methods (organic/permaculture/biodynamics/agroecology);
  • Buy/obtain second hand clothes, furniture, etc rather than buying new.

And that's just for starters! How far you go really depends upon you and how low an impact a life you wish to lead. For example, you could build a house (or a tiny house!) out of materials with a low/neutral carbon embodiment such as wood, cob or straw but that might require a level of investment and effort that is unfeasible for you.


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