Examples would be Halo, Call of Duty, and etc. They are basically video games found on Xbox 360, PS 3, and so on. 

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I agree with you Cat Bunny. It is far healthier to get out your aggression than to retain it, it's not people who shout a lot you have to worry about, it's people who keep things repressed. Just like crying can be healthy, I think people should pursue activities they feel helps them personally. Some people don't relax playing video games, like Daniel perhaps, but I do find that personally it is very relaxing for me.

It's of course hard for me to tell, because I've never played video games. What I can tell, is that screaming and yelling alot made me angrier. You don't learn to show love by showing anger. There is also a difference between repressing things and just not practice on them. When showing anger all day long, one actually practice on anger.

We used to think that "getting out" the anger would make us calmer, but this is, psychological, not right. If I go out and show people love all day long, I will love more. If I practice on killing people, I will truely be more aggressive. But if killing people in a video game can keep people who would kill anyway from killing on the street or start to slay animals, I'm glad they do.

I also think that by watching violent movies, like Saw, you will practice on watching somebody suffer without do anything with it.

Shooter games does of course not make you learn how to shoot people, but it migh learn you how to care less and how to think violent thoughts. The more I think about how sad I am, the sadder (?) I become. One shall of course not repress it, one shall cry and scream when it feels natural, but if you sit down and do aggressive stuff everyday - you do not "get it out", but practice it.

This is, at least, what the newest thoughts about psychologi.

practice makes perfect, so it is just elementary to understand that thinking about aggression just encourages us to act it out on a physical platform. this idea that it is a good idea to play it out in fantasy is fairly nonsensical as far as I can see.

people who don't think about killing others in a pre-meditated way don't usually end up killing others. if you think about how much you love someone, it usually plays out as increasing your love for them not decreasing.

the only scope I can see is that if a person is able to entertain ideas as a mere observation rather than putting feeling behind it. It is kinda hard, but it can be done.

this is where people think video games can be a type of therapy. I agree it can be, but it can also go the other way. so in the end, the situation depends on motivation, but I believe decreasing the risk of increased violence is a better idea.

Human behaviour not nature.

Isn't aggression part of human nature? I find it is for the most part haha.

I don't believe so.  Being angry, sad, happy, even jelous is natural.  Having human emotions is what it means to be human.  I would be worried if you did not feel.  However, how you behave as a result of these feelings is choice...  Behaviour. 

I agree that there is a danger in encouraging aggressive patterns in games and real life in general.  It is far better to train our mind in more positive thoughts to undo our anger.  To use screaming as a therapy is a bit dangerous, but it might be possible.  it just depends on things.

I like shooter games. If you've ever held a gun in real life, as I have, you can certainly appreciate the difference between a video game and then the real life sensation of having it inside of your hands. They're nothing alike. I don't believe they cause people to be violent, but do they attract certain violent people? Maybe. No more than I feel movies may put ideas in people's heads, or feelings inside of them. At the end of the day, you're accountable for your own actions. If you can't discern between real life people and a video game you have serious problems and probably needed severe mental attention.

There is a difference between what's in your head and what's not, of course - but a person without violent thoughts and feelings, is probably not a very violent person. So if I do an angry activity, I practice on being angry - and this will also make me act in a more angry way. I do not know one simple calm and lovely person who plays violent games. It migh be because calm and lovely people doesn't feel like playing aggressive video games, but it migh also be because they are outside doing calm and lovely activities that makes them even calmer and lovelyer.

at first, from the title, I thought you meant paintball, but now I see you mean video games.

in general, I think objects in them of themselves, do not cause emotions or decisions, so I can't blame guns for violence in the world.  however, without a gun, you can only use your hands or some type of stick weapon or sword or knife.  guns are more sophisticated for sure because they are long range weapons and more long range than any other projectile that man has known.

in general, things that we use in life are partially used for our own intended purpose and also used according to the purpose that they are created for.  a knife can be intended for killing but also cutting a sandwich, depending on the type of knife and the type of person using it.

but back to your topic, you are asking about games...and I think guns in games are similar to the real thing.  I don't know if ppl should use them actually. I think a game is a place where reality is thrown out the window and kids get sucked into playing out their fantasy.  I think gun games are sketchy.

I see little kids around me playing with guns sometimes, like plastic ones and they hold them up to ppl's heads and say bang bang.  when I see that I usually grab the gun out of their hand and tell them not to play with guns.  its not really my business I guess bkz I am not their mom and dad, but all the same, they are doing it in the street and they could do it at home with adult supervision.

I heard once that video games in general were developed by the military to train kids at a  young age to be soldiers for the american army.  the sentiment I grew up with around a lot of vietnam protesters was anti war and anti military.  I don't always feel safe or comfortable around military folk.  it is a touchy subject because I am ppl and they are ppl but they have a job related to killing and I don't.  on the other hand, ppl who work for national security do so for the sake of others saftety, but we all know that war is kind messed up, so I don't know if I like guns, military training or video games that have guns.  the whole thing is super tricky.  I try not to think about it.

Good point, Humberto. In fact, most people did demonize movies and the internet right when those became popular, also. Again people incorrectly stated that it would cause an increase in violence. Humans aren't that simple, we're very complex creatures with a complex psychology. It's not as easy as "monkey see monkey do". Otherwise violence among children would be UP, not DOWN.

Maybe volent movies is the thing that learn you how to watch without caring or taking action, while video games learn you how to take action in the wrong way.

But I actually don't believe that if I sit down right now and start to play cod, I will all of a sudden become violent and start to beat people up.

But I know for sure that for a few years ago I watched movies that made me care less and less. I wasn't longer shocked when I saw people being tortured on the news, for example, and I didn't care as much as I used to about what people felt. Than I switched back to child movies! After a few weeks I became very happy, I wasn't longer afraid of the dark, I started to care again - and now I can't stand those nasty movies about torture anymore, because it makes me so terribly sad. I also take action much easier if I see people suffer, and after a while even animals - I think switching from practice on being careless to practice on being nice, made me see how cruel it is to for example eat other living beings.

I guess I may be affected by different things more easily than many others, emotionaly, but there is also possible. Seing lots of violence did not make me violent, but it made me passive and colder. So it's not as easy as "monkey see monkey do", but what about "monkey see monkey starts feeling"? What we see do, absolutely, affect us emotionaly!


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