Examples would be Halo, Call of Duty, and etc. They are basically video games found on Xbox 360, PS 3, and so on. 

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You are absolutely right! when are "our children" going to be protected from all this violence that passes trough TV, Games, news reports... its everywhere! :|

Parents do not control their kids! they give them games who are classified over 18, dont they read the box advice? does that exist? 

We live in a very sad society, only focused on consumerism and profit! 

Unfortunately I agree. Many parents seem to be happy their kids are staying busy giving little thought to how they stay busy. At least thats how it seems.

There is a big difference between those games and those really hardcore one.

Same here :) It is another form of extremism, and I don't feel we should push these on video games. Really tired of people taking the blame from human beings, and seriously complex issues, and placing it elsewhere. If only things were so simple. Back in the Dark Ages before media, those were the most brutal times of all human history. They didn't need video games or violent movies to make them barbaric. Barbarism lays in people's hearts, and in their real life actions.

You make excellent points :)

Wow… I was excited about this thread until everyone started arguing. :( …Nothing will ever more forward if we argue eachothers opinions and views. There are good people that wear mink and fur… just not the same as you. I don't wear it but I would not judge an older woman wearing it.. We live in a different age in which we are more aware. We have to figure out a way to meet in the middle on issues. 

Hon, do you really think you can not judge? 

Subject X killed subject Y because subject Y raped a girl that he knew... wont you judge? 

And we can judge people when we know they are wrong, when we can prove that they are wrong! This kind of things have to be discussed, specially when there's kids turning into violent adults and killing innocent people... 

It needs to be discussed what that hell did we (society) did wrong! where did it all went very bad?

But we cannot judge them if they do not know that they are wrong. I think that older people wearing fur doesn't really know that it is wrong. Some of them hasn't got the information they need, lots of them have not been thinking to much about it. Like I used to eat meat, but stopped because I spent lot of lot of time thinking, reading and educating myself. 

But yeah, we have to educate them!

The only reason I have the ability to make the "higher" moral judgement is because that woman wearing the mink jacket was and is an exceedingly moral person.  A lot of the hippies and such that I have hung out with over the years have had terrible ethical character in contrast to her's, in many ways.  Everyone that I have ever met has some type of virtue and some lack thereof.  We are all a mixture of light and dark -- a fact that cannot be transcended.

LOL, yeah because butchering dozens of mink makes you a highly moral person. Say guys, my grandfather served as a Nazi and sat back while hundreds of jews were murdered, hey he even bought a jew candle, but I mean those were the candles being made at the time. He's still an exceptionally moral person!

YAWN :) LOL and how do hippies factor in? At all?

Also for those who don't know- Jewish people who were slaughtered, they would take their fat and make candles out of them. Would you purchase one of them? Would you judge someone who bought one? I hope for everything that you'd say yes. Otherwise you're garbage and I want nothing to do with you.

I no longer am going to fight with you.  

Well then you and I feel the same way. And if you'd kindly refrain from joining in on bashing me with other members, we can bury the hatchet. I'll do the same.


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