Examples would be Halo, Call of Duty, and etc. They are basically video games found on Xbox 360, PS 3, and so on. 

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Agreed. It's pathetic, and allows the real issue to go on and on. I won't trade real security so others can have a false sense of security. You're right Merry, that's ALWAYS been the case, too bad people never learn from history.

Too bad people never learn how to escape it because they fail to listen.  I would be more complex if I didn't feel that it would be a pointless excursion. ;)

"OL I didn't realize having intellect was an excursion for you.. by all means, don't exhaust yourself with mental thought."

sacrificium intellectus :)

"Your words don't go in italics too, LOL. But yes, use Latin, that makes you look smart.. LOL. And trust me, you have no intellect to sacrifice."

The Latin was a joke.  I put it in italics because it is common to italicize Latin.  I have little interest in joining you in your seemingly endless animosity, of which I am certain you are aware,

Ryan, don't worry, whether you use the italics control the right way or the way  other people would have them used, it has little to do with your argument being right or wrong.  

I couldn't read all this dialogue because it is really long.  But I will check and pitch in later.  I haven't seen you write anything so objectionable, but I will check later and not speak too soon now.

peace be with yu.

In good news Ryan, other racists are willing to take your side! You can start the pro-leather group together.

I didn't mean to imply that you thought that or said that or to single you out in particular. I meant to express how I took the statements about the mentally ill and violence. Or how someone else who is mentally ill might take it. I didn't find the usage to be offensive, I found the implications that mental illness is something to be feared and possibly punished to be something that frightens me. I meant no offense.

Your statements hurt me as a mentally ill person. We could go around and around about this but I concede because I don't have the capacity to argue about this.

A good point to bring up I'd say is that a personality disorder is very different from general mental illness. I feel that people who commit these atrocities most likely have personality disorders. These are more severe in the sense that you're not treating a condition, but a person. You have to change who they are. I don't want to make a stereotype that say, a sociopath will absolutely murder someone- there many many non-violent ones, but it's typically when an individual suffers from say delusions of granduer, paranoia, or are incredibly narcissistic- they feel other people deserve to be murdered, etc. And do I feel video games promote these feelings? Absolutely not, I think they could get the idea just as well from the media which plays on the emotions of such terrible events, such as the recent shooting. They want to go down and take other people with them, video games certainly don't instill that. Not in my opinion.

In all kindness… personality disorder is a mental illness… not in a different category, but one in the same. You cannot change who they are because that is, WHO THEY ARE. There needs to be services to teach them how to cope with life, deal with frustrations, provide coping skills and replacement behaviors… Also, many people with personality disorders such as, multiple personality disorders and schizophrenia, do not comply with medication they need to take. Just like someone diagnosed with bipolar, when feeling "better" they believe they don't need to continue to medication anymore. With that being said, many people need 1:1 help to distribute medication and maintain health. The shooter in CT was a boy with Aspergers… Autism. 

I do think that putting a ban on guns will not help… but it can't hurt. We, as a country, have too many guns in circulation. Look at other countries that do not promote guns… their crimes are far lower than the US. 

I appreciate you saying that. What I tried to articulate was that mental illness needs to stop being ignored. I never implied or meant to imply it should be feared, only addressed.

The problem is, as demonstrated by the responses to my post (no offense) we live in an era of political correctness that gets in the way of our ability to have an honest discussion because people are so easily "offended".

Mental illness isn't a one size fits all. We should be able to openly discuss the level of illness Adam Lanza was living with, without others taking offense for "all" people struggling with a mental deficiency of one level or another imo.

I have to imagine the people in Adam's and Mrs. Lanza's life walked on egg shells to accommodate and avoid Adam's issues for a number of reasons. I'm sure generally speaking; the subject of Adam was a sensitive one, so sensitive, it probably made it difficult for him to get any real help, which in his case may have been committing him so he couldn't hurt himself or others. I posted this link in another thread about a Mom who is currently dealing with a child she loves but who is deeply mentally ill. I took it as a window into what Adam's Mom may have been up against. I would encourage everyone to read it and give it some thought.


"Exactly, you can't take anything seriously. If you don't want to debate people who take shootings seriously, sod off. People are dead. Animosity? I'm tired of your ignorance, of seeing some pro-leather, pro-mink, and anti-American joke post irrelevant crap on the forums."

You really like getting a rise out of people, don't you?  Some people turn their conflicts inward, some outward.  You decide which is wiser.

I'm the one who likes getting a rise, but you post discriminatory things about others on the site... that's logic. Bye bye, supremacist. 


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