Examples would be Halo, Call of Duty, and etc. They are basically video games found on Xbox 360, PS 3, and so on. 

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there arguments that shooting animals make you abuse humans, so if it is true because it is connected to killing then the argument that shooting a video screen might make you shoot something else, might make sense.

personally, I think it really depends on the neighborhood you come from.  if someone is in a violent neighborhood then I think guns games probably don't help out very much.  but kids in affluent neighborhoods dont seem to have as high a record of crime rate and shootings as kids that come from a less affluent or downright poor neighborhood.  

Actually Adam Lanza was from an affluent family.

its not a dead sure statistic.  I am speaking in general terms.  you can check any police records and see there is a link between economic conditions and rates of crime and murder.  there will always be exceptions.

There are exceptions to everything. Ted Bundy was a law student. Most of the recent mass shooters come from at least middle class means. I doubt mental illness discriminates based on wealth though.

Sometimes, I play games where I shoot even animals, not "only" people. For example games where one must hunt for meat and skin (Gothic 3, Skyrim ...).

There is nothing wrong with this. Those who say that videogames make people kill other people or animals - those people never played a game.

If we say that games can sometimes lead to violence, then we should also admit that the existence of internet causes violence or that existence of playgrounds leads to violence etc. For me, there is no point in complaining about violence in movies or games.

Agreed :)! I don't think people who play superhero games are any more likely to go and jump off a building and try to fly, either.

No one has a right to judge you, Humberto :) You do what you enjoy, and it's not harming anything. We should focus more on the members who are still proudly exploiting animals, that's what's truly tragic. 

I'm against these shooters' games. It makes young players believe shooting is fun. And some mentally unstable youth may have dreams, illusions, fantasy and obsessions to shoot in the real world. 

That always annoys me, Humberto!! I used to work at a Best Buy and parents would ALWAYS buy such small children these games! Parents want to blame video games and not have to parent their children. I've seen parents watch movies before their children do, you should also be aware of their gaming content. The labels work, problem is not a lot of people follow them, and that's the lack of care by their parent. 

Its hard to say. Theres always assumptions about video games like these and the consequences of people playing them...butI donno its hard to say because everyone is different...so since you're asking the question Humberto...what do YOU think of them? What is it about these games that appeal to you? Why do you play shooter games??

Aggression is not something one can "get out" by playing violent video games or by screaming to somebody. By doing these things, one will get even more aggressive over time. Therefore, I think people should train on other kind of feelings instead!

I have to disagree, I've found it helpful in exploring my own aggression. Realizing that my own darker feelings can be acted out in a "simulation" helped, I believe, curb many desires to act upon them in more inappropriate ways. The negatives of human nature should never be ignored. I do agree with the notion of not focusing solely on those aspects of being a human being, however.


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