If you say that you have nothing to do with products of animal testing this question could be a toughie. What about animal testing relating to medical research such as head trauma? I've seen the videos. Monkeys where purposely put under suffering so that we might survive an accident. Would you let doctors help you or a loved one if there had an accident knowing this to be true?

Personally I would find it very hard to say no if someone I loved had had an accident.

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Omg.. I hadn't seen this... personally, I'm against animal testing because the science is NOT there- even if it was, I'd be against it. Other animals were not put here on earth for us to exploit for our own personal benefit. For me, that's the line, and I'd never care to cross it, even if my own life were at stake.I figure it's selfish to believe that even if the experiments wouldn't work a majority of the time (Which they don't :(!!), and caused such cruelty, that MY life would be worth all that pointless agony and pain, just for the sake of "trying". You know? Many medical horrors have come from animal testing as well, and I think that's the universe saying "Knock knock, stop being sadistic a-holes."

I agree. It's so unfortunate that these animals were put under such suffering for us. They deserve a lot of respect. I understand if people don't post replies because it is a difficult subject. It's definitely worth thinking about though. Thanks Lauran.

It certainly is. I respect that you posted it here, we need to talk about the difficult stuff! The easy stuff is fine and nice, but we should never skirt some of the serious issues. No problem :)!


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