We can be silent no more. Hello everyone, we are an animal activist duet from Massachusetts. We are connecting with all Animal rights organizations, vegans and vegetarians in an effort to support animal rights all over the world. Our goal is to bring more attention to this cause through our music. If you can't say it with words because you are excluded from reaching the right people, or if you can't do it with actions, because your involvement in the issues are limited to local participation, than say it with music. Sing it out, get people to notice your song and be the voice and the message you want your country to emulate. When a human being discovers the perception of higher awareness, that perception will trigger a person’s eyes and mind to awaken to all of the great suffering that is going on around them. Animal suffering has been going on too long. If you have time, please draw strength and motivation from our video on You tube. We are two voices for America. Join with us and make our voices multiply by 'Liking' our music videos posted on You tube And On Face Book and following us on Twitter. "....Marie & Irma Carew
This is the link; https://youtu.be/CLIU-_Gu5V8

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