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I heard from my friend that one of her vegetarian friends had a blood test recently, and the doctor told her that she was low in something that is apparently only found in red meat. She didn't know what it was called, but an enzyme, nutrient, vitamin, something like that was low for her because she had been a vegetarian for so many years. But apparently it's something that is necessary for proper blood cell functioning.

Do any of you know what nutrient this is, and whether it's true that it's only found in red meat? Appreciate any insight or guesses!


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For the people who say B12 comes from an animal source only - Vitamin B12 is  BACTERIA FOUND IN SOIL, this is the primary source of this vitamin, it is only found in animals that eat the grass and take in the bacteria, this is why people wrongly think that animals are the only source of B12.  The reason most humans don't take it in naturally anymore is down to washing our vegetables, we do this to clean off the pesticides etc.. we are too clean.

It has been found that meat eaters are also deficient in it too due to the gut not absorbing nutrients, people who do not engage in a healthy diet cannot do this effectively and end up lacking in all vitamins.  Wheat has also been blamed for us not absorbing B12, you need a healthy gut with healthy bacteria to absorb it all.  Unfortunately most people have a bad gut.

Look up all that I have said and you will be surprised at what you find.

Nutritional yeast is a good source but if your digestive system isn't working too well then you still won't absorb it

great information, great input, Angela Findlay...I don´t take supplements or such, but it was good to read...

spinach, kale and chia seeds are very high in iron and no need to eat meat :)

Hi, not sure what that is. An ex-vegetarian was telling me she had to start eating meat as she has an illness which means iron(i think) can only be processed through her body by meat?? and someone else has said that to me as well :/ Not sure what it is... 

Ah ok, I have more information. Chrones disease with wheat as a trigger and apparently without eating wheat you can't get the iron from pulses etc. and so have to eat meat - is that true? Apparently she tried staying veggie but got really sick. 

There's nothing in red meat that exists only in red meat, but it has more iron. But I know many people that have, or had anemia and are meat eaters. Doctors love de blame it all on vegetarian diet.

Iron   and/or B12...

It may be carnosine...

B12 from a natural source!

Click on link to see image.

Red meat gives you higher risk of cancer and heart disease.


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