do you think they have the right to live?share with us your thoughts..

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insects have the right to live just like animals and humans.  to kill insects are unavoidable in farming and normal living, so to say that we don't kill them is a bit short sighted.

every vegan has to be aware and consicous thought that they are dying even though they don't eat large mammals or birds or fish.  I don't personally accept the plea that "we don't try to kill them, so it is not our fault."  killing is always our fault if we did it.  that is why I opt for a purification practice to regret for the loss of insect lives.

self defense is also there such as against harmful spiders, but even self defense is killing and the same purification is needed.  killing an insect makes u a murderer of life, just like hunting or having abortions.  all need to be accounted for and recognized even when we have a good excuse to do it.  

We shouldn't consciously kill any living creature, including harmful spiders. True, we cannot be naive enough to think that we don't kill, as even walking while looking forward we could accidentally catch a bug under our foot and crush it, but to consciously kill is much different from unconsciously killing.

We have to remember that, while our intentions are good, we are clumsy giants in comparison. To look down at the ground constantly to avoid stepping on something is ludicrous, however, we should remember to look down as much as we look up to be mindful of those creatures also. We can't be perfect in our walk for humanity, but we can do the best we can to preserve the lives we are able to save.

I find it HILARIOUS that people will fight for insects but still cause suffering among other animals, by wearing heinous products such as leather. So goes the human weave of hypocrisy. Being vegan, I actively live up to my word, and use cruelty free products, as well as not stepping on our little guys. Insect product is also out of the question for me, which causes their deaths. I believe to actively, knowingly, bring harm or use products which cause harm, is morally daft. You can only go through this life causing as minimal damage as you can. 


I do not kill insects. But it's sometimes hard for not killing insects. I mean sometimes we kill insects accidentally, such as when we clean our houses, and on other conditions. We all want to keep our house clean. After all, i feel sorry for killing them accidentally.

And one more things, I live in tropical country where there are a lot of insects in my country, especially mosquitoes, and it really annoy. They bring illness to people. I don't kill them, but sometimes I just cannot control myself and kill them by reflex when they bite me. I don't even know I kill them, it's a reflex.

But I do avoid killing insects as possible as I can. 

If you hunt insects like many children do for fun, that is not good and children must be taught not to do it. If insects are pesting your body, your home, your farm, what else can we do but eliminate them. Insects deserve to live but humans need to protect their lives, health and livelihood. Self-preservation rules.

If I go exterminate insect pest, I would only do so within my my home, my farm. I think my individual rights allows that. Don't worry. Insects multiply so fast than you can imagine.  

There are ways to humanely rid your home of pests; there's many herbs that will drive them away or many traps that can be set to catch them and release them back outdoors. It's not a quick fix, but it's a humane fix. Also, PETA has a great contraption for catching bugs before they become pests.

They're both animals, so why I should make distinctions between pets and mosquitos?

If they didn't have the right to live, they wouldn't be alive. Nature granted life and I try not to take it, even if that life is annoying me to death by buzzing around my house.

^^ True. Who is to decide what deserves to live and what deserves to die?


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